Infinity - October Releases

Another selection of new models from Corvus Belli. Let's get right down to it. In no especial order.

Crusader Brethen  - Pan Oceania

This model is begging out to be shouldering down a door and ready to kill everyone in the room. The armour looks great, and the detailing of the jump/drop pack looks good, if fiddly to attach. My one issue us the back foot, that looks like it's about to twist. It might just be that it extends over the base, or the angle, but it's nagging me.

Gao-Rael Unit - Tohaa

These feels like the bastard offspring of a Preadtor and an Eldar Ranger. I quite like it. The only issue I have is that the front leg looks massive, but I suspect that's an issue with the photo not with the model. 

Ikadron Batroid & Imetron - Combined Army

Corvus Belli really do aliens unlike anyone else. While not to my taste I can't deny that this is a nice pair of models.

Uxia McNeil - Ariadna

Another great model, with only two issues. Firstly the hair, it looks tacked onto the model as an afterthought. Secondly WHY ARE HER HIPS EXPOSED!? (Damn right I'm using an intterobang, and you can't stop me) To my mind Corvus Belli has a fairly good track record with female models, getting points from me for both including them in the game (as there aren't a huge amount of female models in many tabletops) and for not over-sexualising them. HOWEVER there seems to be a moratorium on having armour that fully covers the torso, and it pisses me off, because it seems standard for the female models, and not for the male ones. I know it's only a little bit of green stuff work to deal with it, but it annoys me that it's there in the first place. Rant over.

Wu Ming Assault Corps Yu Jing

That;s a box full of serious fire power right there. I can't see a model I don't like in this box. My only issue is that the starter set comes with a Wu Jing Corpser with an assault shotgun, and he's going to feel somewhat out of place here, but that's me looking for something to moan about.

The Steel Phalanx - ALEPH

Oh boy, where to start. Corvus Belli seem to have saved up all the bad models for this set. Before I break it down, take a look here to see the Myrmidon's that these models are supposed to fight alongside.  To borrow from Alekandr Meerkat "Not even sound same."

Going left to right

Thorakitai 1 - Not too bad a model, a bit early GW in tone

Thorakitai 2 - Tiny tiny calves. It may be a light Rocket Launcher, but I'd still want it resting on my shoulder.

Mymidon - This looks like a model destined for being "Sexy Barmaid 2", that got co-opted for some high tech armour and some crazy hair. And once again the female in the set gets different armour. In the grim darkness of the far future there is only gender inequality in the armoury.

Eudoros - I actually quite like this model, and hope it gets a separate release. The pose is great for a command model, although I take issue with having both a long range armament and a sword waving around at the same time. Fingers crossed on alternate arms then.

Agêma Marksmen - Urgh. What is he doing? A victory hip thrust? "I hit the target! Witness my beer belly!". No, just no.

Thorakitai 3 - I quiet like him.

Studio Giráldes has pictures here with alternate views of the whole set, so you can make up your own minds about this set.

Overall, then, a good month, with a few duff points amid the high quality. There's a few thing I'll be picking up when I get around to expanding my Infinity forces. I'm getting increasingly tempted by a PanO Knight force.

Just need to wait for the Campaign book to turn up. On which note Studio Giráldes has posted a picture of Gogo Marlene (and her tiny, psycho looking, rabbit). Headdesk for the clothes, but she's a presenter, not a soldier, so I've got less of an issue with it, but still, not cool guys. The rabbit does look like he's going to knife people though, so points there at least.