Of Chaos And Creation

We seem to very suddenly me in the last quarter of the year, and I still have many many hobby projects to get to.

While the blog hasn't been lacking for posts, it has been lacking for real hobby content of the converting and painting kind, and the next few months are hopefully going to change that, as I get back to that side of things in earnest.

The big event looming this month is the Chaos release, which will see me starting work on a Night Lords force, and an as yet undetermined second Chaos army. Expect two posts about this next week, once I have the Codex in hand. 

As much as I am looking forward to the Chaos release it's by no means the only thing on my radar. In order to scare myself to the workbench here's a to do list by system/company

Warhammer 40,000

Chaos Space Marines
Dark Angels

Warhammer Fantasy

Vampire Counts


Yu Jing


Kings Of War Undead
DreadBall (from the Kickstarter)


Malifaux Crews
Puppet Wars


Legion Of Everblight




Cult of Yurei

And that list is by no means complete as of this moment in time, and certain to be outdated when Kickstarted projects arrive.

So, how am I going to tackle it all? Well for that I have a cunning plan.

The Chaos forces in particular are going to be the focus of converting, and there are quite a few other projects that have been sidelined for want to time to get to work with the plasticard and greenstuff. October is going to be my month to get as much work ready for painting as I can manage, as I know early November is going to give me an opportunity to get a lot of priming work done with the Citadel Spray Gun I want as many models as I can ready for that, to be followed by a lot of proper painting. 

Even putting in many many hours I'm still going to end up far short of finishing all of the above, and resigned to the above I still want to make some serious inroads into moving my models from bare plastic, metal, and resin to having at least a base layer on going into 2013.

Having learnt from previous mistakes I'll not be making a list of goals quite yet, but instead just diving straight into some conversion and prep work.