The Art Of Making Time

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

So, making time. It's a load of rubbish. You can't make it, buy it, stitch it, or order it for next day delivery on Amazon. You're stuck with 24 hours a day to split up how you like.

I know this is a wargaming blog, but the posts do occasionally touch on other things, and with NaNoWriMo looming I expect more than a few gamers are going to feel their time squeezed by things.

There are whole sections of the web dedicated to the fuzzy concept of making the most of your time. There's even Derren Brown's Apocalypse show on at the moment, psychologically traumatising someone into being a better person. I'm not going to repeat their spiel. Instead here's the trick I've used to get the blog out daily so far.

Let other things slide.

That's possibly a bit of a misanthropic way to look at it, but it's true. There are other things I could be doing, or could be spending more time on than this. Or coming the other way, when doing something else I could be spending time on this.

There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much sleep you can cut out before it becomes a wasted effort staying up. So somewhere things have to be shuffled, speeded up, multitasked, or dropped to free up time.

This is beginning to sound like a preemptive excuse, or a signing off post, and it's not meant to. It's meant to be the voice of reason (not discouragement) against the "Find an hour every night to..." posts, that never really say where you're meant to find that hour.

It comes down to prioritising things, being able to roll with changes in plans, and most of all, knowing when to wave two fingers at that sort of mentality. If you do paint an hour (or more) a night, then more power to you. If you don't and want to, what are you going to change to make yourself do it, and if you don't and don't want to...well, enjoy the stares of cold grey plastic eyes.