Maelstrom Games - Site Down

This does not bode well I fear.

I found out via Fields Of Blood, who had this to say.

Over the weekend the Maelstrom Games website went down and has not come back up. Most commentators are taking that as confirmation that MG have stopped trading.

There is discussion over at Warseer that a company called Eye of the Storm has purchased the physical shop and gaming facilities of Maelstrom Games and they have a web presence with a website very reminiscent of MG. Bane Legions/Bane Lords have been purchased by Mierce Miniatures. Both of these companies - EOTS and Mierce - are owned by Maunsfeld Gaming (a company set up in June 2012).

Here is a link to a UK business website that details ownership/directorships of various companies.

Personally given what happened with Maelstrom Games, I'd be very cautious being either a supplier or customer of Maunsfeld Gaming.


  1. Bit of a shame that - I'll admit I placed an order or two towards the end (assuming that's what it is) in the vague hope I might get something for a bit of a steal. I'm not going to complain that I've not got anything - I was aware of the risk at the time of placing that order (previous orders have pretty much all come through now). Still, it would be nice to get a parcel from them in the next few days... I won't be holding my breath however.

  2. There is more to it than that. It'll all come out in the wash shortly.

  3. Hopefully that fucker gets jail for fraud!

  4. Gotta agree with Anon! The whole maelstrom thing has been highly dubious and Mr Lane will not see any money out of me again.

  5. Interestingly it seems that it may not be 'the end' quite yet - while Maelstrom Games website is still 'down for maintenance' they do actually appear to be doing something. Something which may or may not be questionable - transferring the remaining orders from user accounts (including user details) over onto the Eye of the Storm website (supposedly a completely separate company...)
    Despite having never registered at EotS, I can login with my Maelstrom username/password and it shows my details and some of the remaining orders (not sure if this means the remainder has been shipped, or what...)

    The shadyness continues... possibly in a slightly less bad way (i.e. one where I get my toy soldiers)

  6. Maelstrom have issued a statement... Apparently it's all Wayland Games' fault (although I think Wayland are calling bullshit).

    Battlefront orders will apparently be covered by the Eye of the Storm (hence why some peoples orders have moved over there)

    They do say that some other orders may be fulfilled in the mean time. Not holding my breath though!


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