New Horus Heresy Releases

Forge World have new Horus Heresy models up to order. They've also released a gallery video

Legion Champion and Master Of Signal - £22
I'm not sure about the pose of the Champion, although if the kit allows there's a really nice opurtunity to have him sweeping that sword up and into an enemy. The Master Of Signal is a nice throwback to the Rouge Trader era.

Legion MKII Assault Squad -£33
That's an expensive squad, but it's good to see all the options for armour MK's being filled out.

Autocannon Set - £12

This set gives you five heavy weapons. Personally I'm not sure about the way these have been designed. While I like that it's using standard weapon arms, the design of the guns look a little wrong to me. On a background point, it's the Heresy era, everyone should be using shoulder mounted weaponry. 

Heavy Bolter Set - £12

Once again a set of five heavy weapons.

And ow for the newest Heresy era weapon, the Volkite

‘Volkite’ is an arcane Martian term for a variety of thermal ray weapons of ancient provenance, once relatively common among the Legiones Astartes before the demands of the Great Crusade outstripped supply.

Volkite Caliver Set - £11

A set of ten weapons.

Volkite Charger Set - £11

Another set of ten new weapons.


  1. The heavy bolters and auto cannons are just awesome! If only i had those heavy bolters a few months back......
    Still might pick some of these up and retro-fit some models.

    1. I think my Chaos Havocs just found their new weaponry. Think it's going to take a bit of work to have them firing level rather than canted downwards (and then get the belt feeds lined up) but it might be worth it.


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