Plots And Plans

My previous attempts at monthly planning have more often then not ended in tasks remaining on their for months, and my aspirations of what I was going to manage over the last few weeks proved to be equally erroneous. At some point in December (which is not far away, as shops and TV, is increasingly keen to point out) this blog marks it's one year anniversary. To mark this milestone I feel I should have completed something hobby related. While I have been doing more in the hobby than I would have without the blog, I've still failed to finish what I've started (with the exception of a single Clanrat that's fully done).

So what's the plan. Well, there isn't one, at the moment, as I rather suspect December releases from Wyrd and from GW will knock my plans askew before I really get them started. Instead I'm going to be trying to get several projects moving forward and trying to get at least one done. At the moment there are a few things in the running.

1) A Malifaux crew - I seem to have aquired an unhealthy number of crews this year, none of which have even seen primer. This needs to chance for a least one of them.

2) Warmachine/Hordes - I've done very very little with this system, and I should really get something done this year.

3) GW Squad. Those bloody Necrons spring to mind, and the scarab casting needs to pick up again, however I've got no set idea as to what I want to see on the painting table. I think Skeletons might win out as my Vampire Counts army has been around the longest, but we'll see.

Hopefully I'll start getting things knocked out over the next few weeks, and see how it goes. It'll be good to get the paints out again, as I've done very little since the Skaven.