Ravage 4 October/November

After yesterday's catch up post, this brings us up to date with Ravage 4 and another 65 pages of Hobby. 

The big feature this month, is a review of Warhammer 40,000 6th ed, and a retrospective on the evolution of the system. While this is once again belated as 6th ed came out in July, it is still a worthwhile article. The 8 pages cover a good range of stuff, and muses on the future of the game.

Star Wars X-Wing gets both review and overview of the game, and it's immensely favourable.  There's a hint of bias, but not enough to alter the opinion of the writer.

The review of Zombies!! takes a different format to most, covering the 10 different iterations of the game in short order to judge which version is the best. It certainly provides a good overview of the system, and is a nice change of pace from the standard miniature game review system.

Dust returns this month, in, its Warfare iteration. Once again it's a mix of review and overview, given the reader space enough to make up there own mind about the game.

Hell Dorado is up next, a game I've always been interesting since I came across the miniature range it a while back.The review makes no bones about the more mature nature of the game, and its dark, horror, aspects.

Zombicide gets 6 pages, as a mix of overview, a scenario,and some tweaks for the game from some of the Ravage team who've been playing a lot of it.

The consistent Infinity coverage continues, with a four page background piece on the new race, the Tohaa. I'd feel happier about reading this if my campaign book had arrived, but that's just me.

 The law comes to this issue with a feature on the Judge Dredd Miniature Game, which introduces the Brit-Cit Justice Department. It covers stats, weapons, vehicles, and mercs. With a nice mix of comics art, and the models.

Last issues review of Star Fleet gets a follow up with a tournament rule pack.

The Merc series continues, covering Suppression and Overwatch this month, and the second chapter of the Ravage Campaign.

Heavy Gear Blitz! gets a bit of a funny article that falls between review and history piece, chronicling the evolution of the game.

The Hobby section is seriously foreshortened this month, with four pages on building a transportable diorama, and a single page on painting the axe of the Nurgle Lord, a piece that could have gone into way more detail, like painting the rest of the model.

Quirkworthy (Jake Thornton) gets a page talking about the breath of the gaming scene at present. It's a nice food for thought piece.

Gen:Con gets a nice slice of coverage, with 4 pages, split between an overview on the event, and an interview with Soda-Pop, Wrath Of Kings and Dark Age.

The issue improves a little on the perennial problems of the magazine, with the old articles and at times iffy translations. The big problem of this issue is the lack of raw hobby content, that had previously been a solid inclusion. The other articles make up for it, but it's not a trend I want to see continue.

I make this issue a 51, so it's the best issue yet. It could just be better, with a more even spread of content, although this is clearly limited by the low page count.