Broadcast Signal Intrusion - Paris

Last weekend I went to Paris, and apart from the fact it rained most of the time I was there, I had a great time, and stumbled across various bits of hobby related stuff. Rather than turn this into Facebook, and bore you with the holiday snaps I'm going to pick out a few highlights.

The first day included a walk around Les Invalides, a series of museums dedicated to France's military history, and Napoleon's Tomb. The most interesting bit for me was the Musée des Plans-Reliefs which contains models of the terrain and fortifications of important strategic locations dating back to 1668. The photos below don't really give a sense of scale, but think big.

Onto less obvious bits of more obvious sites, take a look at the metal work on the doors of Notre Dame, and the colouring of the cabinet.

And the imposing domes of Sacre Couer de Montmartre

Top of the list of places to visit for me was the Catacombs, and they didn't disappoint. It's a eerie journey underneath Paris, and while the morals of the whole thing are slippery, the images are indelible, rows and rows of leg and arm bones and skulls...

Rounding off the hobby side of things, this store was very close to the hotel. Really wish I'd gone in when it was open.

On a slightly different tact I was also exposed to the European comic book scene, and it's a very different beast from the UK and American side of things. Here is the inside of Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysées.

That's a series wall of comics, almost all of which I'd never heard of. And this is there manga section. Note that it contained almost all the books of any series they had in stock.

There was also the Rue Dante with it's great collection of comic shops. I recommend Pulp's Comics for anyone after English comics. Here's their back wall #longing

There's also Aaapoum Bapoum (grey awning) and other shops besides.

Now I just need to brush up my GCSE French and learn more about the European scene.

And finally, on the way down the steps from Montmartre I saw this...


  1. These are awesome! I suddenly feel like going to Paris someday. Thanks for sharing these, they're awesome!

    1. Glad you like them. Paris certainly has its interesting places, but it's a weekend/three day's worth (although saying that, I'm sure there was lots I missed, and the fact it was hammering down with rain much of the time didn't help).


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