From The Æther - 01.12.2012 - Kickstarting Your Christmas

36 hours left

Taban Miniatures have been on my radar a while, purely for the lovely models they've produced. They're in the last throes of cludfunding their rulebook. They've ploughed on past their totals and have a umber of exclusive miniatures that are reminiscing of certain TV and comic book characters...

3 days to go

Deep Wars has already been the subject of a successful campaign, and this project is focused on allow the main factions to be filled out as quickly as possible.

4 days to go

Another game that's into its second campaign is Blackwater Gulch, with this project aiming to add more models to the existing line. As seems to be the way with Kickstater projects, their are some cool "homage" miniatures in there.  Sadly I don't think we'll get to see "Fox McFly" reached, but who knows.

9 days to go

There's a good range of perks here, and what look to be a good range of miniatures. Sadly I don't think they're going to reach their goal, but as it's a flexible funding campaign, they don't need to. Not sure how it'll effect anyone pledging for their big models though.

25 days to go

These boards could be of use to the skirmish gamer, with limited space. There are some nice additions to the standard board, and they could be a good alternative to GW's boards.  I hope they hit their goal.

AE-WWII: European Theatre

  You may have heard of this range before (I've used some of their models as Spteampunk Abominations for Malifaux in fact), but they went OOP. This Kickstarter is raising funds for their relaunch. There are some nice models in the range, but some iffy ones as well. See what you think.

25 days to go
Imbrian Arts is using their project to build up their miniature range in order to make the step to releasing a game easier. There are certainly some models I'd like to have in my collection on offer here.

37 days to go.
I'm on the fence with this, as I've got games going out of my ears. Some of the models look fantastic, the Watcher and the Phoenix especially. Just a shame about the ridiculous physic of the female models. Going to make it a hard sell for me.

40 days to go.

The pledge levels aren't easy on the pocket, but I trust Wyrd to really deliver.