Infinity December Releases

Corvus Belli's releases this month are very good miniatures for the most part, with one glaring exception, that I'll deal with right away.

Riot Grrls

No one wants nipples on their battle armour, nor obvious special plates over their genitals. No wonder the Grrl with the shotgun is pissed off. The only redeeming feature is the headdress on the MULTI Rifle Grrl.

Knights Hospitallers

While I can't fault the quality of the sculpt, the pose does nothing for me.

Armoured Brigade Ralcho

This is going to be a great centrepiece model for many a Combined Army force. It's distinct from the TAGs of other factions without being unrecognisable.

Makaul Troops

While the Viral CCW weilder doesn't hit the spot for me the other models are all very nice. It looks as though two basic bodies have been used with different arm options however, which seems a bit of a cop out in a four man unit.


This model looks great, and it's good to see the ALEPH force diversify its look a bit more. I think the base needs a bit of heigh to make the most of the pose though.


The Infinity range is littered with rank and file models that could have ended up boring and generic, but instead are lifted by the quality of the sculpts. I can't put my finger on why, but I really like this model. It's worth going to the unit page to read their background.