Infinity Releases - November

I'm a bit late with these, but none the less, here are Corvus Belli's November Releases (although I still maintain if your release window is at the end of the month these are really December releases) for Infinity.
Briscards - Ariadna

That's not a "Heavy Rocket Launcher", that's light weight at best. Otherwise this is a great model. I really like all the extra kit, and little details.

Hassassin Muyibs - Haqqislam


Only two things I don't like on these models. Firstly, the face masks, but that'd be easily solved with a little liquid GS down the central line. Secondly it's the hair on the female model. It looks a bit too tentacle like, and it seems like an after though, as she blends in perfectly with her male counterparts (no bare hips, yay) and that's a good thing.

Ajax The Great - ALEPH


A fantastic model. The pose is really powerful, and the armour is really nicely designed. I'm not sure about the high tech hammer, but that's another issue reminded with a bit of green stuff to smooth out the handle. Corvis Belli seem to be really pushing things with their models, and Ajax is a great example of this. The fact he's had a bloody fantastic paint job doesn't hinder things either.

Hac Tao - Yu Jing


The third model of a unit that's been around since the early days of the range it's great to see how both sculpting and painting have moved forward. He's a great model, and blends the stand out features of the first and second with the finer detail of newer models. He's also a sign of Corvus' comitment to filling out the options available to players.

Hatail Spec-Ops - Tohaa


I don't think I have a single bad thing to say about this model. The level of detail is fantastic, the pose is great, and the inclusion of extra bits only sweetens the deal.

Scarface & Cordelia - Mercenaries


Well, Scarface is a great T.A.C. model, and looks ready to rip into anything in his way. Cordelia also looks good until you get to her face, and the lost looking hand.

Moderators From Bakunin - Nomads


Corvus have a track record with really good seated/lying models, and this is no exception. Just look at the way the kit bags sit. I'm not sure how well he'd work without a rest for the rifle, but it's a lovely bit of wall.

And that's it for another month. I think the Hatail Spec-Ops is my model of the month, with Ajax and the Hassassin Muyibs fighting it out for second place.