Putty & Paint

Oh I only wish I knew about this because I'd been invited, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Putty & Paint is the bastard offspring of CoolMiniOrNot & Pinterest. At the moment it is accepting submissions on an invite only basis, so the quality of what can be found on the site is phenomenal. Anyone wanting a bit of inspiration, or, frankly, just to goggle in awe at other people's skill would be well advised to take a look at it. 

I really like the layout, and it just seems a much more clean and slick display and interface than CoolMiniOrNot. It's going to be an interesting site to watch.

I found this via Corvus Miniatures, as Corvus has had an invite. You can find his gallery here. I rather suspect my blog roll is going to expand as I track the link trail backwards now, from picture, to artist, to blog.