Sedition Wars - Running Late & Free Model.

Bad news for anyone hoping to play Sedition Wars at Christmas, as the shipping containers containing the game are not expected till mid Dec in the US and the end of the year in the EU. This means things aren't likely to start hitting doorsteps until January.

When the games do arrive, anyone with Biohazard or above will be getting an additional figure (see below). In the meantime there's a video of the game being unboxed.

The additional miniature is an alternate pose of the already released Vokker Dargu, who at present looks like this:


And here's the concept are for the new & exclusive version:


The latest update also expands on his backstory really well, and it's a great bit of writing.
"Conscript Vokker Dargu
Height: 1.35 meters
Weight: 80 kilograms
Eyes: Cybernetic implants – no retinal imprint
Hair: Black Gene-Index: Human/ Pre-augment
Conscript Inception Date: 201.10.4036 Solar Reckoning
• Kyoshi Heavy Industries AG field generator
• Omnium Systems Meta-Cortical implant
• Kyoshi Heavy Industries Integrated Control Optics
Profile: Corporate insubordination charges <See attached records> led to Vokker Dargu’s downgrade from Full Citizen to Conscript Servile as an industrial technician third class. Due to an aptitude with gravity manipulators and a bio-signature with a low rejection threshold to cybernetic implantation he was involuntarily augmented and promoted to industrial technician first class. After serving in this capacity on good behaviour for thirteen years, his conscription restraints and cortical clamp were removed, and he was granted Provisional Release autonomy.
During a warranty based upgrade to his meta-cortical implant an unclassified code-entity breached his cortical firewall. The entity obliterated AI personality controls designed to keep his mind in check. System upgrade records indicate that the entity transferred in during an allegedly secure software upgrade. Without AI fail-safes in place, Vokker was free to act without worry of personality suppression.
His escape resulted in the deaths of twenty-eight medical and sixteen security personnel.
As per Rogue Conscript Protocol a warrant for Terminal Reclamation was issued 028.23.4039.1
Traceback disable commands to his cybernetics have failed and his whereabouts were unknown until the Conscript insurrection on Achilles.
Vanguard intelligence analysis indicates that his systems have been modified beyond current specifications, and he has been altered cosmetically to conceal his identity. His bio-signature was present during the co-ordinated attack on the Vanguard Bastion Arms of Sorrow, in which four hundred and seventy three Vanguard troopers and twenty four Special Forces elite were slain before the Arms of Sorrow could repel the six thousand attacking Conscripts. He was not among the casualties of that battle.
It is likely Vokker is serving as a combat co-ordinator in the Conscript uprising – Using tactical systems and precognition to lead pro-active counter-attacks on Vanguard forces. To date his bio-signs have been detected in fifty seven combat incidents with Vanguard troops.

He remains at large.


Qualified for a Master level license with an AG generator, Vokker is an expert with kinetic fields and gravity suppression. His AG implant is capable of shifting a hundred kilograms of mass without strain. For manipulating larger masses he must be coupled with an external power supply. Even without external power, he can strike with kinetics to inflict lethal blows to anything within range of his AG field effectors.

His meta-cortex implant is a moderate grade cyber-brain. Vokker’s mind may house one or more expert systems capable of serving as tactical analysis and intelligence gathering meta-routines. Note that the Omnium implant allows limited quantum prediction, granting Vokker low grade precognitive ability and enhanced predictive instinct. Combined with his proficiency in AG field manipulation, he may be capable of deflecting directed projectile weapons fire. His sixth sense will be able to detect dangerous situations with a moderate degree of certainty. This is probably why he has avoided Reclamation for so long.

The Kyoshi Control Optics suite linked to his meta-cortex allows Vokker to index and co-ordinate the efforts of several other conscripts through remote communication. This system no doubt aids him in tactical unit co-ordination.

All of these systems are well concealed. Vokker can easily pass for a full citizen - albeit augmented - as long as his conscription transponder is suppressed and his conscript ID tattoo remains concealed. Assuming that these safeguards have not been removed already.

This combination of systems and his inconspicuous appearance makes Vokker effectively a sleeper agent capable of sensing events minutes before they occur and fading away from danger undetected. In addition, the rogue electronic entity that is currently installed within his cortex may have further capabilities that enhance him beyond his current specifications. His termination is a high priority, and reclamation of his systems vital to understanding the threat facing the Vanguard and the Solar Conglomerate.  "
Hopefully we'll hear good news soon about how things are going along when containers reach their destinations.