The Hobbit Escape From Goblin Town - Thorin's Company, Gandalf and Bilbo

Oh, before we start, no I shan't be using the Dwarves' names, unless I have to. Maybe once I've seen the film and played a game or two.

As I said in the unboxing post, Thorin's Company all comes on one sprue.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that five of the Dwarves are single piece models.

The remaining Dwarves are all two part models, apart from Dwalin, with his hammer, and axes, shown here on the bottom left. It was while putting these models together than the fun started.  

See the hammer, boar spear and staff? I snapped the last two getting them onto the models. Easily fixed, but still a pain. The hammer was a different issue. Dwalin's arms are joined together by a back piece that locates into a cut out on the rear of the model, and it fits together to give him a complete back. The first hurdle was getting the hammer and arms over his big beardy head. The second was getting the two pieces to fit. I didn't need to cut or file anything, but I was on the verge of it, the joint is very snug. Apart from that, everything went together fine. Here are the above dwarves assembled.

On to the three big characters then (not to do disservice to the rest of the Dwarves, but these are the three models you'll be most interested in), with a Space Marine to give some scale. Bilbo is tiny.

Let's talk about Gandalf and Thorin first.

Gandalf has only two pieces, and while nicely posed, and towering impressively over the Dwarves, his face doesn't seem to have quite captured Ian McKellen, which is a shame, because LotR models got him spot on.

Thorin on the other hand is very much Richard Armitage. He comes with the option of either wielding Orcrist or Oakenshield. The arms are held in place by their tight fit and by a locating tabs on each shoulder, basically slotting on and off. I think you could quite easily leave the arms off, and swap them depending on the game situation/your mood/season.

And lastly, and least, in the size sense, is Bilbo. The sculpt really captures Martin Freeman, and it's a good pose, that works well with either the walking staff or Sting.

The alternative arms fit on with almost a dovetail joint that makes up Bilbo's shoulder and the back of his jacket. I found it easiest to push them on from the side. The fit is very secure, with very little gap around the joint, and I'm going to leave them unglued to have either option available.

The very last bit of the set is the Company's baggage and weaponry, which serve as objectives to be recovered during some of the scenarios in the starter guide.

And that, then, is the lot. I like the Dwarf models, both in looks, and just as a good kit. Hopefully the game has translated their characters from screen to tabletop as well as the sculptors have, Gandalf not withstanding.


  1. Thanks for the review it made me want to buy this product I'm not a fan of hideous gobblins or large terrain features, but the models of Thorins company look stunning (exeped fili) and will be great fun to paint.

    The company and radgastwas worth the box set alone so i did not mind having gobblins that I will probably never use unless playing the scenario.

    1. I'm glad to be of use. Enjoy painting the Dwarves.


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