Beyond the Gates of Antares - A Miniature Game From Rick Priestley

Beyond The Gates Of Antares has just gone live on Kickstarter. The game has a very promising design team, including ex-GW Rick Priestly. You can visit the game website at Dark Space Corps, and learn more, but I have picked out the choicest bits for you.
GoA is the world’s first real-time dynamic gaming universe. That's a mighty statement and a bit of a mouthful, so for now let's just say we are talking about our online 'metagame'. Let us explain. We are inviting players to register to take part in our extensive series of online campaigns and adventures - we call them 'episodes'. We'll be creating lots of episodes and they will vary from huge star-spanning military campaigns that last for many months and potentially years, to raids and surgical strikes that start and finish in a day. It's all real-time remember!  Feed us the results of your battles (through our website or smartphone App) and we'll use your data to determine which of the game's factions wins control of each of the different fighting zones, and ultimately which faction is victorious in that particular episode.

As the different episodes are real events happening in the Antarean universe YOU really do get a chance to affect the history of Antarean space! Furthermore, there are numerous rewards to be gained from each episode, and these will be made available as new technologies, in-game bonuses, and secret information that will give your faction an advantage in future episodes.

In some cases we'll be introducing new types of weapons, new alien species, or newly discovered artefacts which can be captured by one of the factions during the episode. We'll use this information to organise our modelling schedules, so it will actually affect how we prioritise our model making too, giving successful factions a head-start in acquiring the latest weapons for example. And finally...  when the deeds are truly glorious, we'll offer the ultimate accolade and select one of the participating player's own characters to make as a model... incorporating you and your fighting forces into the history of Antarean Space for all time!
 There's a real player base centric focus built right into the game. Provided that uptake is good, and the size of the player base remains consistent then this sort of thing certainly has interesting possibilities.
GoA is a wargame designed anew for the twenty-first century – a fresh look at the raw mechanics of tabletop wargaming featuring a fluid combat status system and interleaved turn sequence that facilitates continuous play for both sides. Rival forces act and react in a series of triggered actions that quickly draw both sides into simultaneous fire fights and close quarter fighting. The mechanics are designed to enable rapid progress using forces of around fifty or so models a side, including futuristic fighting machines, vehicles and point-defence weaponry as well as human troopers – the game is infinitely scalable to facilitate battles as large as can possibly be imagined and is detailed enough to facilitate skirmish gameplay too

Game Features

  • Fluid Combat Status – units act and react according to their combat status.
  • Real-time Dynamic Gaming Universe – build and benefit from the evolution of the game background as you play.
  • Backer Development Program – backers can participate in the development and creation of the game rules, universe and campaigns.
  • Decimal Mechanics - based on D10 and D100's allowing the same stats to be used for battle games, skirmishes and role-playing games as we expand the scope of our game for years to come.
The mechanics sound interesting, and the game sounds a nice size between skirmish game and full out war.

As to the actual pledge and reward side of things:
We understand that some of you would like to see our model range before they decide to become a backer – well the reason we are here at Kickstarter is because we need you to back us before we can create our brand new model ranges. In that way this is a more ‘normal’ Kickstarter than some of the more successful miniature Kickstarters out there.

So, rather than offer you a fixed number of models, we are going to allow you to choose a selection from our forthcoming ranges. This also allows you to build up your initial forces as you like, with all the variety you might wish for.

Obviously, some of our models will be bigger than others, some will be cast in a single piece and others will be more complex multi-piece models, and when we offer these for sale the prices will obviously vary concomitantly. Therefore, we offer you a choice of credit options (depending on the reward tier you select) for the models, with the simpler models worth 10 credits each, and the more complex and larger models worth more, up to 50 credits for a larger, more complex design with multiple and optional parts. If we hit some of our intended stretch goals we will also allocate our new models a credit value – increasing your final choice.

Potentially this can include some large models worth more than 50 credits – vehicles, heavy weapons teams, and so on. We hope you approve of our offer. It is intended to represent great value over the actual sale price of the finished items and the final choice of models is –of course – up to you.
This seems a fairly reasonable course to take, and fits nicely with the emphasis on the customers/players.

The range and price of the pledges seems reasonable, and you'll want to check out the add ons section to customise your reward level.

Hopefully more details will emerge over the next 58 days, and we'll get to see more concept are and the like for the game. It's certainly a far cry from the mostly finished KS projects and it's going to be one to watch.