DreadBall - MVPs

Welcome to the fifth and final part of my DreadBall model reviews. Unlike the previous reviews which focused on the teams, this is for the MVPs, special characters to add to your team.

As with other Kickstarters there is some resemblance to be found between the models and certain characters in pop culture.

Between the camera eating photos and auto correct going to work on others, I've not got the parts to show you. The best I've got it this.

Onto the models then.

Number 88

Number 88 is a single piece model, and there's very little to say about him.

John Doe

With two separate arms parts, John Doe goes together easily. The tentacle details are captured well. The only issue I have with this model is how far back he leans on his base, something I'll be fixing through brute force later. 

Reek Rolat aka "Payback"

Reek comes in five pieces, torso, arms, head and tail, and with the exception of that last bit goes together very easily. I real like the pose, and the model as a whole.

"Lucky" Logan

Another single piece miniature, Logan needs a bit of a clean, but is otherwise good.

"Slippery Joe"

Just look at that moustache. Joe looks great, and coming in four parts (arms, head, and body) the only one I had trouble with being his right arm, and it's fiddly joint.

Gorin Ironstone

Another great Forge Fathers player. Gorin comes in three parts (body and arms) and fitd together without any trouble at all. 

The Enforcer

The Enforcer is going to be the most annoying model for me to deal with of the lot, thanks to his warped base. I've no idea what the case of this is, but I'm not looking forward to correcting it. His arms also needed a lot of trimming, and his shoulders are too boxy for my tastes. THe level of detail on the armour plates in impressive though. 

Wild Card

The most complex model of the MVPs, in four pieces, Wild Card's head, right arm, and the lower half of her right leg all come as separate, and very delicate pieces. The leg piece was so thin around the socket that the plastic was translucent. For all that she went together very well, and is happily devoid of mould lines for the most part.


Not a lot to say here, apart from scratching my head as to a colour scheme. I think some specially designed transfers may be in order.

Coach Renton

With two parts (the main body, and a fiddly right arm) Coach Renton leads his team from the sidelines.

And that's your lot. I like the MVP's as all bring a bit of character to the game. Some are a nice fit with the look of their teams, while others move away from this without leaving the style of the game entirely. Quality was for the most part better than the standard teams, but there is still a lot of work to be done getting them to the painting table.


  1. Interesting to see Wildcard in plastic. The metal version I have came in three parts, including her left arm, right leg, and body.

    Of all the MVPs I would say my favorites are Reek Rolat, Slippery Joe, and Number 88. I look forward to getting them and assembling them in the hopefully near future.

    1. IT seems strange that a model would come out in two different materials (and from two different moulds) in the same release window. Has she got a metal base on your version?

      Number 88 is up on the Mantic site for Advance Order, but there's no sign of the other two. Hopefully they'll go up there soon.

  2. If you buy the game from a retailer/game store, it seems they give you a metal version of Wildcard, in a blister pack. I imagine this will eventually stop, probbaly just for the first shipment. As Harlon said, she is in 3 parts. The base is metal, and attached.

    1. Seems odd that the more limited (well, I assume) metal release would go to the stores, not the Kickstarter backers. Cast on metal bases is a bit of a blast from the past.


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