From The Æther - 19.01.2013

A fairly wide selection of links this week, although with a fairly strong lean on conversions.

Dave Taylor makes some sickeningly good Servitor and Adept conversions.


Phil on The Shell Case takes a look at the past and future of GW in light of Mark Wells stepping down.

On Recalcitrant Daze, progress on the Ork Kopta Karrier continues apace.


Via Dan Abnett's Blog, - Lego Gaunt's Ghosts


Aaron Dembski-Bowden  introduces his Horus Heresy Campaign. Involving various FOrge World and Black Library staff, it's going to be one to watch.

And lastly, but by no means least, "Building More Realistic Terrain", from Standard Template Construction.



  1. Those LEGO Gaunt's Ghosts are awesome.

    1. I think I like the servo skull best. Thought Milo and his bagpipes are a close second.

    2. Mad Larkin is probably my favorite. He look so sad...

    3. He is looking very mournful. Have you scrolled through the slide show for the comments?

    4. Yeah, I read through the comments on each of the pictures. Pretty fantastic. If LEGO produced them, I would have to buy them.

    5. With Lego opening up to community submitted ideas as they are doing, who knows. It's unlikely but no less than seeing GW release Tanith models again.

  2. Those Gaunt's Ghosts LEGO models are awesome! Mad Larkin is great and Cuu looks suitably crazy.

    Those Servitor and Adept conversions by Dave Taylor look great. All those little Dark Eldar Talos claws work wonderfully with the warhammer Night Goblin bodies. I am always amazed how prolific Dave is, always turning out amazing new conversions and paint-jobs. I got to talk to him a few months ago at a hobby shop; truly a great guy.

    1. It's surprising how often GW IP inspires people's Lego builds.

      Dave has a sickeningly fast and high quality output. The Talos kit seems to be seeing a lot of use in conversions at the moment, and I really need to pick one up. Jealous you got to talk to him, I imagine it's a conversation where you want to take notes.


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