Infinity - January 2013 Releases

Another month another selection of great new releases from Corvus Belli.

Celestial Guard Hacker

This model is crying out for an acrylic hologram to look at. The only other issue I have is that the poses means something has to go under his left foot, which will be a fiddle if you need to swap the rock out for something that suits your baseing style.

Wildcat with Heavy Rocket Launcher 

Fully armoured female model? Tick. Substantial looking Rocket Launcher? Tick. Rubbery left elbow joint? Tick. I hope it's just the angle of the the photo, because otherwise this is a great model.

ALEPH Support Pack

Another combined package of the type Corvus are releasing for each Faction in the game. The Sophtect is a model that does very little for me, and while they fit with the aesthetics of the robots in the Faction the back packs of the Yudbots look incongruous.  There's little to say about the Netrods, apart from that they look prone to bending or breakages.

Gao-Rael Unit

The Tohaa models are really pushing the boat out with each release (the only disappointing model so far having been the Diplomat. The pose is nice, and the detail looks fantastic.


Lastly we have the Biscards. First thing to note is the look of the unit feels oddly dated. A mix of the closed up poses, style and paint scheme reminds me of old GW models. Possibly I'm judging harshly. The mix of weapons is also odd, with three rifles and an assault pistol. I get the feeling one model isn't going to see much action.

Overall a good month, with only the bigger box sets letting things down. I think the hacker is the model of the month for me, with the Gao-Rael a close second.


  1. I think my favorites from this new release are actually the Biscards. One of Infinity's triumphs over many other miniature ranges is there posing (well for some of their models)and attention to detail. The Biscards actually look like they are equipped to go to war. They all have sidearms (which thankfully many Infinity models have)and extra equipment on their belts and backs. Also all of their weapons are of a believable size (with the exception of maybe the sniper rifle). Many models I feel have guns and weapons that are simply way too large to be practical; this is particularly true with Warhammer and Warhammer 40k (however, most companies are guilty of this). Finally, I think their poses are quite fitting for a standard soldier. They appear to be stalking forward scanning for threats (it would have been nice to have one shouldering their rifle though).

    1. I agree with all the points above, but I'm still unsure about the models. Which isn't to say I think they're bad, just that they wouldn't be my first choice of the month, or the Ariadna range.

      Infinity does seem to do more well realised and realistic models than other lines, both with weaponry and equipment. It's interesting that you've made a point of the pose, as there are many models in the range that cry out for a diorama or at least a scenic base to be made around them. On the tabletop, amid the heavy terrain the game demands I imagine the Biscards will look right at home.

  2. Many of the bast poses in the Infinity range I feel are the ones that are very subtle. They do a great job making standard line soldiers that simply hold rifles in realistic and reasonable poses. For instance, many actually have weapons with stocks and actually have them shouldered correctly. Also several models actually have their finger off the trigger when their weapon is not ready to be fired (this always makes me smile).

    1. I wonder how much that sort of posing is driven by being single pose models rather than plastic multi part kits. GW's plastics have a horrible tendency to have their gun mounted in their bicep, when they have a stock at all.

      The trigger finger thing is annoying once you pick up on in. So many models that are ready and poised to shoot the ceiling, or their mate. Space Marine Sergeants being the worst offender with a pistol pointed in the air.

  3. I like the Biscards a lot. I admit that making them look like alpinists is not the "coolest" and most "awesome" design aesthetic. But, I think that is part of what makes them appeal to me. They seem to be grounded by a sense of realism. Something that I could see actually existing today. The posing and properly sized weapons really help make them neater in my book. If this was a GW model, that assault pistol would be the size of the model's head.

    1. The "rank and file" models seem to have a lot more effort put into them, than found in most other systems.

      The GW model wouldn't have any a holster for it's weapon, or any spare ammo either.

  4. Perhaps worth pointing out that on the Yudbots, that isn't a backpack - it's gigantic bunny ears (like the Aleph TAG - Maruts).


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