The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Releases - Jan

This release seems somewhat sparse. I had hoped we'd be seeing Azog, and the mounted elves, which would have rounded things out.

GW are going to have a tricky time come the middle of the year, as the film has simply not given them a huge amount of material to work with. While there are clashes, the only recurring participants are the Dwarves, and the Orc Warg ridders.

The Limited Edition box is still available,  which would seem indicative that take up has been down upon GW's expectation.

Onto the releases...

GW have released a video showcasing all the models out this month for the Hobbit, so I'll deal with them in order.

Gwaihir - £25

I don't know why you'd pay that for a Finecast model when you could instead buy the Great Eagles (below), unless this model is significantly larger, which he doesn't appear to be.

Great Eagles (2 models) - £30

I suspect we'll be seeing these used to proxy Gwaihir, and further afield, in fantasy armies that need a Eagle. I like the posing, and the claws are crying out to be filled with a Warg or Orc. I'll be interesting to see how the kit goes together, and if there are options for swapping pieces around.

Fell Wargs (6 models) - £18

These are the same Wargs seen in the Hunter Orcs on Fell Warg set. For £7 more you get six orcs as well, and I'm sure they could be magnetised. It's slightly strange to see GW introduce a cheap option for a unit they've essentially already released though.

 Riddles In The Dark - £20

This seems a bit of a poor box for the price. I like Gollum's pose, but that's about all (what is wrong with his eyes?). The coracle seems like something that could be converted if you really needed one, and there's already a very good Bilbo model in the box set (not that he is involved in the fight in Goblin Town, but anyway).

Gollum, as he was in the LotR trilogy can be found here, for only £4.10, which seems a much fairer price for a model you're going to be using little.

Overall it's a weak set of releases this month. There are some models still to come, but I'm unsure as to how GW spin out the releases and interest in the game until December 2013 and the second film. This month's White Dwarf  has no Hobbit articles. Bar "The Hobbit" on the front cover, theinclusion in the New Releases,and  a dire section in Paint Splatter, there's nothing. Hopefully the next few months will see the larger LotR range getting pushed forward, but who knows.


  1. The hunter orcs legs on the fell wargs are attached so you can't magnetize them like the warg riders.
    so it would make sense to bring out fell wargs on there own (plus there more expensive than wild wargs.

    however, that said you are right about the eagles prices 2 for £30 is a lot better than having the lord of eagles in fine cast for £5 less.

    1. That's interesting *goes off to look at GW site*. I'm surprised they've done it like that. Also questioning if the sculpts are the same. It seems an odd waste of store/warehouse space and design time to have done it like this. Ah well. Makes as little sense as the Great Eagles.


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