White Dwarf - January 2013 / 397 - Review

Another month, another (slightly late) White Dwarf review. I've played about with the format a bit, so totalling up ought to be easier. Let's jump right in.

We get another big poster this month, a double sided LotR feature, with a rather sparse selection of Hobbit releases, and a more filled out showcase of the LotR models on the other side. It's always good to get a freebie.

Opening Salvo           
A disappointing introduction that simply lays out what is in the issue.           
There's not a lot to say. I'm not sure this needs to run over two pages, and I preferred it when the contents was split into sections rather than just run through in print order.     
New Releases  
The Dark Angel and Hobbit release run for 36 pages, including 2 gatefolds. I've not got a lot to say about this section that hasn't been said in this post. I'm not sure GW need to spend quite such a page count on the new releases when the website can deal with the weight of pictures better.    
The more interesting parts are the sections outside of the big release push.  The Black Library put three books in the spotlight,  Forge World splits its focus between its different lines, and Fantasy Flight Games gets interviewed in the Licensed Game Section.         
Army Of The Month  
Jes Bickham (the current Editor of White Dwarf) gets to show off his Tyranids this month. There's a nice window on how Jes got started with the army, and some interesting conversions 
Jervis Johnson           
Jervis meditates on the subject of the motivation via a circuitous route through the Olympics           
Battle Report 
I remain set against the current style of the battle reports. Using them to so overtly test the new releases seems forced. The lack of maps, and use of too many, too small pictures, fail to make the battles easy to follow.  
The Rivals      
This section seems to have an over fondness for Terminators, as this month focuses on Assault Terminators vs Grey Knights. I quite like it, but hopefully we'll see some more diversity in future months.           
Two wonderful pages of fantastically converted and painted models, some harking from the INQ28 side of 40K.   
Citadel Hall Of Fame
The Empire Griffon, more specifically the Karl Franz on Deathclaw version, is entered into the Hall Of Fame this month. It's interesting to know the model was sculpted at 3x size.      
Parade Ground          
The title of this piece is the promising "Golden Demon 2012 Part 1". 16 glorious pages of Golden Demon winner, goes a long way to really showcasing the hobby, and what can be achieved with time, effort, and no small amount of skill.            
Kit Bash         
Four pages on terrain this month, seems far too few for such big pieces.       
Another four pages of terrain, this time looking at the magnificent King of the Mountain board, with sadly little said about the creation of the table.           
Paints Splatter           
Eight disappointing pages focusing on painting the new releases. Some sections are far too short, while others, like edge highlighting the Ravenwing Bike in five stages, are ridiculous.  I do like the interior and exterior of the robes.         
Jeremy Vetock          
Jeremy talks upon the difference between fighting on your home turf, and going out to a store or elsewhere.           
The Month In...          
White Dwarf  
A four page look into the hobby going on in the White Dwarf bunker this month, and it's always interesting to peek behind the curtain.      
The Design Studio      
Quite why this section hasn't been pushed to a more prominent place I don't know. It is always interesting to read about the thought process behind the codices and models.   
Forge World  
There's a teasing preview of what is to come which is always good, and a look at the Games Day board and Mark Bedford's World Eaters.          
Black Library
We finish up with two interviews from Gav Thorpe and Josh Reynolds, and that sort of thing is going to be a worthwhile read.         
I make that a total of 45, which is a reasonable score, but not brilliant. I really like more models from the community being shown in the pages, be it in Blanchitsu or the Parade Ground, but dislike the Battle Report, or the pages upon pages of new releases.