Chaos Daemons Pictures

Well, the daemon pictures finally seem to have hit the web. GW do seem to be keeping things increasingly locked down these days.

The pictures are taken from PlasticKrak, with product information from Faeit 212. The covers and army box come via La Taberna De Laurana As an aside, I really like the background GW have used for the photos.

Codex and Army Book

It's interesting that both books feature a single Khorne Daemon, rather than showing off members of the whole pantheon. Hopefully the insides will be a bit more varied. It'll be interesting to see to what extent the content differs, and if we see a limited edition release for the Codex. Personally I prefer the Fantasy cover.

Herald Of Nurgle 

A plastic character kit, this model looks gorgeous.There's very little I'd change, bar possibly swapping the head out for a more old school looking one, but I'll wait til I see it in the flesh to decide.

Herald Of Khorne

He's a bit bland for a Finecast miniature. The Nurgle Herald looks suitably dedicated to his patron, and will stand out from the rank and file. This model doesn't look much more than a champion. 

Herald Of Slaanesh

I'm not particularly keen,but then I'm not a fan of the plastic daemonettes, and this model follows the same style. I would have liked to see things head back to style of the previous metal miniatures, with clean lines, and different talons.

Herald Of Tzeentch On Chariot/Burning Chariot Of Tzeentch

This is a two model kit, with the option of the standard chariot with the Herald, or the Burning Chariot Of Tzeentch (see below). The Herald version looks good, and promises to be a nice model in and of itself. The Chariot looks to be everything convertors have invisioned of a Tzeentch chariot over the years. Depending on price I expect we've going to see a lot of people picking the set up for a Disc and two Screamers.

I dislike the style of the flame, and that has a major impact on my overall opinion of the model. I think it's going to be interesting to see in the flesh. I do like the flamer kit though, and this looks like it'll be a good set for parts. 

Plague Drones Of Nurgle

This kit looks a bit half arsed, although I want to see proper pictures before I really decided, I'm not impressed at the moment. The wings might be the one saving feature of the set. 

Blood Throne Of Khorne/Skull Cannon Of Khorne


The second dual purpose set of the release, this kit does neither well to my mind. The Throne looks peculiar, and the cannon seems way to small.Surely a Throne of Khorne ought to be made purely out of skulls, and the cannon ought to be bloody huge; Khorne isn't known for his subtly.

I do like the frame portion of the model, with the faces, skin, skulls, wheels, and mechanical parts all looking interesting. It just seems that what has been added onto them is lacking a certain something.


To me that looks like a fairly poor selection of troops, with a lot of additions needed to have a nice solid army, but that's just me. You might buy one set, or maybe two, but I doubt anyone is going to be getting three boxes. I wonder of this is one of GW's subtler ways of avoiding loss, by making the cheaper buying options less useful?

Hopefully they'll be more to come in the next few days. I've got fingers crossed for some plastic Greater Demons, as the above certainly doesn't include the sort of monstrous creatures we've been seeing from GW lately.


  1. I am not overly impressed with these new models. Most of the stuff just looks like they took the nice plastic infantry models and added some extra pieces and detail without actually considering how the stuff fit together. The plague drones for example are pretty weak. It looks like they took the new plastic Plaguebearers and sat them on top of the flies, without doing much of anything to modify their legs (this i feel is a problem with many of the mounted models, the Seekers of Slaanesh are another good example). In doing so, the models look unconvincing and boring (this is a far cry from units such a Brian Nelson's Orc Boar Boyz who are filled with motion and character).

    The Khorne entries are nothing to write home about either. Both the Blood Throne and the Skull Cannon look like they ran out of ideas and crammed together parts of the bloodcrushers and perched some of the plastic infantry on top. Why are those Bloodletters standing on the front of the Blood Throne? It looks like a Segway...

    I will have to wait and see some better pictures before making my final decisions, but currently things are looking pretty grim...

    1. There does seem to be a lack of anything really pushing the boundaries of the range while doing a good job at the same time. It's disappointing not to see a really bizarre and new undivided unit.

      The Drones do look like the riders are merely balanced on top, rather than truly riding. As for the Khorne chariot thing, hopefully the blurb will explain more, but the concept feels iffy.

  2. Well, I share the concern about the flames on the chariot, and I'm hoping that (as is often the case) the studio paint scheme is to blame. We shall see though.
    I suspect a few of these bits and pieces might make their way into my army of daemons. Assuming they don't charge more than £10 for the hero models, and don't make the big kits £50...

    1. There's another picture out of the flames painted in fire colours and they look much better, and less like coral.

      I fear you may be setting your budget a little low for the characters, although I doubt any of the kits above hit the £50 mark.

  3. You seem to be getting a fair few more spam comments these days. A sign of popularity perhaps?
    On another note, I'm confused why Nurgle gets the plastic herald, but everyone else gets finecast? Perhaps the other heralds have been floating around for a long time waiting for the right time to be released?

    1. Bloody spam. The filter doesn't seem to be working so well on posts that already have legitimate comments on them. I suspect I need a bit of a purge. They've always been in the background, so it's not the best barometer, but the hits are looking reasonable at the moment.

      The split between plastic and finecast seems to be making little sense at the moment, although rumours suggest plastic will be replacing Finecast down the road, so your guess as to the release schedule may be right.

  4. Thanks for quoting us!!

    Cheers from La Taberna de Laurana!

    1. Thanks for the comment, and for the flow of rumours on La Taberna de Laurana.


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