Sunday Photo Page - London Super Comic Con

Headed off to the London Excel Centre today, for the London Super Comic Con. The picture above gives the event a sense of being on a far larger scale than it actually was, and while it was an ok day there was a distinct Sunday vibe, and the atmosphere felt a little flat. I didn't bring back anything beyond the freebies, but there were some very nice pieces of artwork that would have flat-lined the bank account.


  1. Where there any neat guests at the comic con? I have been to a few in the USA, particularly a New York Comic Con a few years back (got to meet Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and Guy Davis (whom I got to draw me a quick sketch of Cthulhu)).

  2. There were some very good guest on the line up, although I didn't meet any (part of the feeling of emptiness was due to the queues being fairly long at many of the stands). There was Brain Bolland, Mike Carey, Kieron Gillen, David Lloyd, Dan Slott, and Tim Seeley amongst many others.


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