2000AD Prog 1824

Anyone wanting to make a start reading 2000AD can do no better than picking up a copy of Prog 1824 when it goes on sale today.

"Next week, comic fans curious about legendary British comic, 2000 AD, have the perfect opportunity to jump on board!

2000 AD Prog 1824 is the perfect starting point for new and lapsed readers, with four new stories beginning at the same time, with some of the biggest talent at the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

Featuring D’Israeli (SVK), Ian Edginton (Victorian Undead), Neil Googe (Wildcats) and Michael Carroll (Jennifer Blood), Prog 1824 will go on sale digitally worldwide and through Diamond on Wednesday 20th March.

To mark the occasion, and with our friends at Marvel announcing a new series of weekly comics featuring Wolverine for June, the ‘droids’ at 2000 AD have given them a friendly welcome to the ‘weekly comics club’ – 2000 AD has producing 32-pages of weekly content for the past 36 years!"

Anyone wanting a sneak peak, should take a look at the Forbidden Planet blog, for some previews.

via ECBT2000AD