Forge World Imperial Armour 12

It really is becoming as though Forge World are passive aggressively going to GW "Thi is how you make resin model, this is how you make £50+ kits people are eager to buy, this is how you make product ads with minimal kit that don't look like crap."

If I have one thing against Forge World it's the price of the books, but that's not to say I haven't been tempted over the years. Imperial Armour 12 certainly looks like it ought to be accompanied by some good kits, and the Minotarus are a tempting chapter to make a handful of INQ28 models for.

Video via Apocalypse 40K


  1. Yeah, Forge World has been doing a great job of the past couple of years. I am really surprised at the sheer amount of stuff they put out, both in the terms of models and books.

    You are right that GW could learn a thing or two from Forge World about making promotional videos. The past couple GW have put out have been particularly bad (here's looking at you Warriors of Chaos release...).

    1. Forge World has certainly come a long way, and it's impressive to see how the range has broadened, into the HEresy and Warhammer FOrge over the last few years. If I had a wish list of things I'd like to see come back it would be the character busts/statues, and the moon/asteroid hab kit.

      GW videos seem to pointlessly set out not to show the models released, despite whatever rumour leaks there have been weeks ahead of time. In the age of Kickstarters taking people's cash a month in advance (after a fashion) GW needs to adapt to that, beyond panic buy limited edition releases.


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