From The Æther - 02.03.2013

A fairly long list this week, having a fortnight's worth of things to cover.

Amid the Zombicide madness currently hitting Kickstarter, don't forget about THON, which is in danger of being unfairly overshadowed, or Wild West Exodus, which has just shown a preview of an amazing train kit, the Union Heavy Rail, a model that would look equally at home in Malifaux or 40K. 

Play Unplugged has an interview with Adam Poots, the man behind Kingdom Death

Realm Of Chaos has some WIP shots of a lesser daemon/beast of Malal. There's also some very old 'Eavy Metal articles, split across two posts.

The Sons Of Dorn have a tutorial  on painting Plaguebearers with washes, that's well worth a look.

Pirate Viking Painting takes a look at the Citadel paint range one year on.

Standard Template Construction has a very nice Deathwing tutorial (part 2 is here), including an interesting note about GW washes
"If you have use ANY non gw paints up to now, do NOT use any of the new GW washes, something in them reacts with other brands and turns them into a horrible milky substance that you will never get rid of shy of stripping your model. You have been warned!!"

The Thunder Guard has a very nice WIP Imperial Guard army to show off.


Eternal Hunt has made some very nice INQ28 conversions and recently celebrated the blog being a year old.


Spikey Rat Pack has completed yet another brilliant model


Graven Games have some Mechanicus Henchmen to show off.


Wargamer 40k Craziness shares a tip for removing glue from canopies.

Eye Of Error has a very nice Dark Eldar conversion


Dave Taylor has more lovely Mechanicum conversions


Jake Thornton shows the possibilities of clear bases on Quirkworthy. While they do look good, I'd be worried about how quickly they'd scratch, and it'd mean a shift away from using magnets for transportation.


Spikey Rat Pack has two new John Blanche models to show off, a Champion, and  a Beestmanne, both accompanied by words from the man himself.


Corvus' Miniatures has some great coverage of Painting Crusade X


And that's the lot, until next Saturday at least.