Infinity - March Releases

Beasts Of War have preview shots of this month's Infinity releases up. I'll swap these out for pictures from the Infinity website when they're released, but for now, here we go. EDIT -  As you can see below, this has now happened. Any new thoughts are in bold. In the meanwhile, if you want an all round view, head over to Studio Giráldez, where I've also pulled the Scot Guard picture from.

Caledonian Volunteer with HMG

Infinity does excel at really nice line trooper models, and this model is no exception. The detailing is nicely understated, and (as you'll see when I put up a shot including the back of the model  (Done) the webbing looks right, for a trooper wielding a heavy machine gun.

Scots Guard

Another nice model, especially the coat, but I'm not sure about the rocket launcher. Being an unofficial picture, we'll have to see if this model is in the March release window.There's no sign of this model on the Infinity website, so maybe we'll see him next month?

PanOcenia Support Pack

Bundling together, the PanO Engineer, Doctor and remotes, this is a repackaging of models previously available separately. I'm not taken by either of the humans, as both poses require something to interact with to look right. While I like poses you can imagine within a scene, when you have to imagine them in a scene to make the pose work it's gone too far.

Reverend Morias

No. Just no. I realise you could paint them so they weren't flashing their arses, but I dislike them as sculpts. 

Shasvasti Caliban

I like the model, although I hope there an option not to have a head on the sword, as it forces a narrative on a players collection. 


Infinity does a really good line in vehicles, and Pentheslea's bike does nothing to break the trend. She's a lovely model, and one that could convince me to collect ALEPH. You can find photos of painting her stage by stage on the Studio Giráldez facebook page. Anyone else thinking about a Dark Knight Catwoman conversion?

So, a good set of releases for the most part, although the Morias are disappointing.

It's going to be interesting to see if Infinity follows the examples set by GW and Privateer and starts adding huge models to their forces, as they have a bit of leeway in the background for them, in the shape of the T.A.G.s, although I'm not sure how well it'd work on the tabletop. It'll be a while yet before we see all the models from the Paradiso book released, so that's a though for the future.


  1. I am not too thrilled with many of these models. The worst offenders are certainly the Reverend Morias as you mentioned. Aside from their questionable outfits, they just look awkward (partially their poses and some look like they hardly have chins...).

    Scots Guard looks alright, however both of the models hands look a little weird as does how he is holding the rocket launcher.

    Penthesilea is the clear highlight of the releases. Awesome model.

  2. There does seem to be more off models compared to other months. I agree about the Scots Guard's hands, they look oddly stiff, and like he's about to drop the launcher.

    Penthesilea is the cream of the crop, hopefully the Yu Jing biker, Asuka Kisaragi, will be of a similar standard.

  3. Is that Scots Guard wearing Burberry? I think he is...

    1. It looks like it, hopefully it's not going to be a recurring element of the colour scheme, with a whole army of neds. Don't seem to see it about as much these days, thankfully.


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