Infinity - Yu Jing Celestial Guard Colour Scheme Test

I had intended for today's post to be a review of No Quarter, however things have gone better than expected stripping paint of my Yu Jing models. After less than 24 hours in Dettol the paint has scrubbed straight off, and given me chance to play around with paint schemes. (I am very impressed with the Dettol working in such a short while. There are quite a few models now soaking, ready for a weekend of painting). I've got the arms to do, but for now I wanted to get the main blocks of colour down. Here's the model with a brand new undercoat, ready for me to ruin him again.

So what have I gone with?

As you can see I've stuck to a fairly limited palette,  as suggested in my musings post. I've left off doing the black lining work between the plates but will come back to them once I'm happy with the armour being white.

The picture above and below are meant to show the split in colours I've used on the trousers, with a light and dark grey. I really need to expand my selection of greys, as while GW has a big range they meander through blue and brown greys, so I suspect I'm going to end up mixing my own.

 The armour features a backpack sort of thing, which I'm not a huge fan of, particularly the straps that come around the front of the model. For the moment it, and other features on the rear of the model are plain old black, but that may well change. I've no idea what it is about that right heel, but I think I must keep catching it with my hands, as the damned thing will not hold paint.

This shows the "strap" coming from the rear to the front of the armour, cutting across what would otherwise be some really nice armour plating. I think I'm going to leave it white so it blends in with the rest of the armour.

This shot does a fair job of showing off the purple eye lenses. 

  I'm unsure if this scheme comes a bit too close to the studio scheme for the ALEPH.

Hopefully by sticking with pure white, and staying away from using purple heavy handedly I can avoid truly heavy parallels. While I had mentioned red as a spot colour in the previous post I'm wary of using it here, as white and red are more the colours of the Japanese Sectorial force than the Imperial Service that I'm doing.

The armour plates, as well as begging for the black lining, are also looking like the perfect candidates for some writing and logos, in the style of the Gundams, although this will need to be sparingly to avoid overwhelming the base colour of the armour. I'll also need to pick the right colour. Somewhere I have some printable transfer sheets, and I think they'll be perfect for the job.

So, that's the model as it stands, and my ideas for tweaking it going forward. I should have the arms ready for blu-tacking on to play with the full scheme tomorrow.  I'd be interested in hearing what anyone else thinks of things.