Infinity - Yu Jing Celestial Guard Colour Scheme Part 2 - The Difficulties Of Spor Colours and Monochrome

Yesterday I was pondering the colour scheme I'd picked for my Yu Jing Celestial Guard. Well once that post went up, I put the arms into the Dettol, and sat looking at the ALEPH gallery on the Infinity page. I came to the decision that the purple that I was going to use for the spot colour put the scheme too close to them.

This opened a can of worms, in terms of picking out a spot colour. My first thought was to hit the colour wheel on Color Scheme Designer, which is a very useful tool.

The big issue with doing this is that there isn't really a sensible option for factoring in the white blacks and greys I'd used.

My next port of call when playing around with colour schemes is photoshop (well, actually GIMP, but you know what I mean).  However the pictures I'd taken didn't capture the existing colour scheme well enough to play around with alterations, so that idea fell by the wayside.

Next stop was the internet and various Codices, Army Books, White Dwarves and the like. Heading after a colour scheme is a tricky thing to do, relying on internet guess work as to which armies will have gone down the same route (Legion Of Everblight, Tau, Dark Eldar for example) and fuzy recollections of flicking through books.

With that not really yielding results it was time to get drastic.

I rolled up my sleves, and started working through my paint collection. Some colours were discounted easily, others because I knew I wanted to use them elsewhere. This whittled me down to a couple of blues/turquoise, greens and orange. I pondered and then picked.

I went for orange. 

As you can see from the above the arms have been cleaned off and redone. Interestingly the white plate was unintentional, and came about simply from looking good, as I painted other bits.

I need to do some work on the face, redoing the white, and I'm still not sure about the grey visor (It could all go a little Daft Punk yet) and some OSL around the eyes.

The wrist screen needs something to really make it pop (as do the eyes to be fair), and again a tiny bit of OSL.

I'm keen to avoid metallics, and quite like the gun as a brutish lump, although it does need a bit of work to bring out its detailing.

As for the armour it needs another pass of white and black to really nail the lines. I think I'll be adding a few decal type bits of colour on it, but need to get a bit of freehand practice in, so it looks deliberate, rather than that I've flicked paint at him.

There's still tidying, and highlighting to do, but I think I'm now mostly happy with the colour scheme I've picked. We'll see what progress gets made over the next few days, as I need to get to work on reviews, and paint some Death Marshals.