Kickstarter Round Up - 04.03.2013

Zombicide is once again the big noise in Kickstarter,steamrollering its way towards a huge total pledge in the first week alone.

The popularity of the Zombicide Kickstarter has set off a ripple effect, with backers pulling out of other projects in order to divert funds towards bashing zombies instead.

The Godslayer Kickstarter finished last week, topping £36,000 with a good final push in the last three days of its run.

These two things really serve to emphasis how Kickstarters really aren't over until the fat lady sings, be it hitting one more stretch goals, or seeing a rocky road come the middle of things.

Fireside Magazine

There's nothing I can say that Chuck Wendig can't say better (and it's probably time to admit that in a very general context. More specifically...) when explaining why this Kickstarter should get your money.

Rogue Trooper

This is  a very promising Kickstarter, but there are too few pictures illustrating what is available. Add in some graphics for the options and there'd be a jump in interest. That aside, what there is there is definitely worth a look.

Eternity Dice


These dice do seem to be very popular, and are certainly worth a look for someone after a special D6. There are a variety of different types available, and a huge range of stone to choose from.

Wild West Exodus

This project keeps on keeping on, approaching $200,000 and a big centrepiece stretch goal. Sadly the funds needed for opening up all new Factions are a long way off (at $375,000), but the four Factions currently available certainly stand up in their own right. There have been new pledge levels added to cater for backers wanting to go all out on a single faction.

Dungeon Roll

Anyone after a dungeon placed dice rolling game could do worse than check this Kickstarter out. Personally I'm not too sure about it, but each to their own.

Hell Dorado


With a fair sum in the bank, and some good stretch goals things are looking good for getting involved in Hell Dorado. The options are really opening up, and there's something in the model range for everyone (I've certainly got my eye on Demons)


This project seems to be insanely popular, and once you're seen what it can do the reasons are obvious. Worth a look for the more artist amongst you..



I remain uncertain about this game, but don't let that stop you taking a look at Mantic's latest chess based product.  

Empire Of The Dead


The stretch goals keep falling for this game, expanding the options on offer nicely. While I'm not taken with the models, anyone wanting some Victorian flavoured miniatures, or especially some coach and carriages should certainly give it a look.The roadmap for the rewards can be viewed in this update.


Thon has been teasing the community with concept art and models for a while now, and it has all come to fruition with this Kickstarter, with pledges for starter boxes, and some very good looking models on offer.


The goal is currently far far away.

X-Wing Squadron

Is this a trap?

Zombicide Season 2

This kickstarter is attracting a rabid band of backers in ridiculously short order. Stretch goals are falling ridiculously fast, despite being placed at intervals that would make most other projects on this list wince. I suspect we'll see quiet a few big projects coming back to Kickstarter to fund their sequels in light of this. It does seem to be taking the piss though, after how well the first campaign did. The Shell Case has a bit of a rant on that theme.

Torn Armour

Anthropomorphic creatures aren't my thing, but the game has me tempted.


An interesting looking horror game Spinespur is going to be one to keep an eye on.

Mutant Chronicles

It's odd to see the juxtaposition of the old school art with very new digital renders. Certainly the new models do look good, and the add ons give some nice options if you don't want to take the full plunge. I do wonder if this project is being let down by its bad organisation though, or if that's just me skimming things, rather than reading fully.

And for the moment, that's all the Kickstarters It's going to be interesting to see how everyone else reacts to Zombicide. At the moment, I've really got my eye on WWX, and Thon, both of which can hopefully reach good finishing totals. I'll doubtless be doing individual articles on each as their time draws near. I wonder how many new Kickstarters will get launched while Zombicide is on, casts its shadow over people's wallets.