Musings On Infinity - Ariadna

Over the last week I've been focusing on the Yu Jing faction, and nailing the colour scheme for them. The Yu Jing are not the only faction I have for Infinity however, as I also picked up an Ariadna starter set.

I kind of regret not picking up a different box in retrospect, but that's how it goes.

The Ariadnans are markedly different from other factions in Infinity due to their lower levels of technology, meaning models with armour and guns that wouldn't look out of place in a contemporary wargames setting.

First things first, I will be doing something about the only woman in the squad flashing her abdomen to the enemy. I seems gratuitous, and out of place with much of the current line. If the rest of the model wasn't so good, she'd be getting swapped out.For the moment that's the only conversion to deal with.

As can be clearly seen from the above, the main colours for the Ariadnans is green. It's a colour I'm keen to retain, if possibly darken down a bit. Red in combination is always going to put me in mind of Christmas, so that's going to have to change. The uniforms play up the anachronistic feel of the force, and I don't think colour scheme tweaks are going to change that drastically, but a bit of digital camouflage, and OSL where appropriate might help. I like the look, but it needs pulling a little closer towards the future.

I think I'll be going for some browns and blacks as well as dark greens and blues in the main scheme, and hold back on unit markings in the main. The Ariadna force consists of three distinct national groups, the Scots, the French and the Russians. and I'm unsure how much of a differentiation I want the colour scheme to make about this, when the models do it fairly clearly in their styling. I think it needs to be more subtle variations than seen on the studio models (French units are predominately blue for example), so they looks like one force until you get closer.

I'm also keen to weather the force, and add a good bit of metal in, as opposed to the clean and future material feel I've gone for with the Yu-Jing.

Painting the tartan is going to be an interesting challenge, from a technical point of view, and they'll no doubt be some practice pieces posted on here at some point. I have a pattern in mind (to be revealed at a latter date), so we'll see how it goes.

 Once the Yu Jing and these troops are painted I'll b rewarding myself with this beastie.


  1. Off all the factions in Infinity, Ariadna are my favorite. I really like how many of them look like they are modern/contemporary soldiers. Some of the first models I purchased and assembled were the Loup-Garou enforcers (love the one with the small pumb-action shotgun).

    I like your thoughts about darkening their color scheme and adding some digital camouflage where appropriate.

    Are the guys in that starter the only ones you have currently?

    1. We'll see how darkening the colour scheme goes.

      Got one or two other things for the Yu Jing, but nothing else for the Ariadna at the moment. Will be adding things when I've got these painted, and when Kickstarter isn't emptying my pockets.


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