Sunday Photo Post - 24.03.2013

Not a lot to show I'm afraid. Here's what needs to come out of the Dettol in the coming week. Most of it has been in for quite a while for no ill effect. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but the fact that water seems to turn any stripped paint back to adhesive has made me wary of doing it until I can hit it as a batch. 

Isn't that going to be fun?

I thought I'd throw the next picture out there with a question. In the UK we have Waterstones, which carries a disproportionately large number of Black Library books in their tie-in sf section. The picture below is from a fairly small store, and is just amount the smallest amount of BL books I've seen on a shelf for a while. I was wondering if in other countries there was also a lot of Black Library in evidence in bookshops, or if this was just a UK thing?


  1. If you ever find yourself in Canterbury, stick your head in and look at the Waterstones there's Black Library section. Yes, they have a whole section (7 shelves). And the staff are cool. And handsome. And subtle.

    1. I'll bear it in mind. Always good to take a look around a bookshop, and with seven shelves of Black Library books it sounds like Canterbury my sort of store.


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