Tau Pictures Leaked

It seems that the leaks for Games Workshop are a bit earlier this month, with the internet exploding over the weekend with pictures of White Dwarf. As seems to be most often the case, I've pulled things from Faeit 212, and, in this case, images pulled from the Advanced Tau Tactica.

First up is the Ripetide, giving the Tau the big mecha that everyone's always known they should have. I'm tempted to get on on these just on its own, but that's a thought for way down the line. Note the new Boradside suits.

The guns look suitably massive, although the arms seem a little small relative to what they're packing, and the size of the legs.  

The other big new kit is (surprise) a  dual flyer kit, building either a Sun Shark Bomber or Razorshark Fighter. I'm disappointed they've not got a more unconventional silhouette from above, as Tau vehicles have always been a little different. From the side and front they look good though.

And the pricing, with both of the big shiny new things weighing in at a wince inducing £50. 

 Pathfinders have come to plastic with some shiny new drones, a unit types that's always done a good job of setting the army apart.

Commander Farsight, also has a new, dynamic sculpt. 

 Broadsides have jumped in price (Crisis suits @ £15.50 + a Broadside Upgrade pack @ £9.00), and is hopefully a larger, and significantly different kit. The Crisis suits save you £1.50 over buying them individually, but that's only worthwhile if they still come as individual models. Hopefully they'll be a good upgrade sprue in their to make a commander.

£80 for a Battleforce seems bloody steep, but does save you about £20 compared to current individual prices.

It's interesting that we've seen nothing of the Kroot or other allied races so far, but there's time yet. 

If I hadn't got more than enough on my plate already I'd be half tempted by a small Tau force, as they're a nice step away visually from the rest of the 40K universe. I'll have to see what the release brings.


  1. Overall I am presently surprised with most of the new Tau stuff. The Riptide looks quite neat, it has a nice silhouette and looks good standing amongst its smaller brethren. I feel the guns for it are a little too large...

    The Sun Shark Bomber and Razorshark look pretty good too, I am somewhat pleased that they have a more traditional frame (particularly in light of the prevalence of poorly conceived Space Marine fliers...).

    1. So far there doesn't seem to be any horrible models, which makes a change from the Chaos and Daemon release, that both had turkeys.

      The Riptide does look a little out of proportion somewhere, but it's a solid basis to work from at least.

      I think the flyer could have felt a bit more Tau, with something similar to the Manta or Tiger Shark from Forge World.

  2. Why do Canadians get screwed on prices, riptide and the new flier cost 15$ more. Doing a quick check on the current exchange rates it should only be 1$ more, on average it goes up or down 1$. So they really should be priced the same, more so if they are going to list all the prices for us to see. Btw i am only talking about the USD to CAD prices, if i go by euro rates the 50 euro model comes out to 66.43$ CAD not even close to 100$ CAD

    1. There does seem to be an amount added to get a product across a boarder as a commercial product, and it'd be interesting to see how it breaks down, into shipping costs, custom fees, tax, or extra profit in GW's pocket.

      Kickstarter is also a pain for this (paying over the odds), with free shipping around the US for a lot of projects, and a nasty shipping cost to get most things over here to the UK.


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