THON Kickstarter Cancelled

I'm sad to have to put this post up (although my wallet is breathing a sign of relief).

Earlier today, the THON Kickstarter was cancelled.

The project closed above its target, with $37,954  of $35,000 in the bank, and 305 backers.

So what happened? Well, at the moment, there's very little detail, only this update on the Kickstarter,
which is repeated on Facebook For the most parts, comments semm positive, with people willing to pledge again when the project relaunches.
"It is with a heavy heart that I cancel funding on THON. The upside is that we will return bigger and better, with this experience behind us.
I have no exact timeframe but please stay tuned to Facebook and the official page.
Thanks to all that backed us, and especially those that hung in there despite the ups and downs. 
The game has changed, and we will change with it. This kickstarter is over, but our Spirit remains.
The graph's on Kicktraq tell a story of pledges evaporating, and a project that started well, and then began to slide backwards.

 As far as I can tell, there's no obvious reason why this project should have taken such a kicking after the 10th. It launched alongside Zombicide 2, so that competition was a factor from the beginning. Certainly it wasn't for want of interesting models.

Hopefully the game will come back better than before, with a highly polished Kickstarter,  ready to divest us of cash.

It's not the only failure of recent time, for all the Zombicide's smashing records, there's been Beyond The Gates Of Antares, and others that have either not made it, or pulled the plug early.

I think it's more a question of the way Kickstarter operates, rather than an indication of the quality of the games, as for all the prophesies of the bubble collapsing, the projects only seem to be getting bigger. Kickstarter has altered though, from a way to get a project from concept to reality, to a way to get an almost finished project mass produced and out to the masses. Notably neither BtGoA, or THON were up to the vaunted 90% complete stage, that backers of Zombicide, Sedition Wars, etc had seen.