Zombicide Season 2 Launches On Kickstarter

The Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter launched scant hours ago, and has already hit over 900% funded. It's amazeballs. Strech goals have been broken before they were posted, and things so no sign of slowing down. This is going to be a very interesting one to watch, as it's the first big game to come around for a second bite of the cherry, and while the early momentum is ridiculous maintaining it will be a tricky balance. The first game was very nicely put together and the option of a stand along version (Prison Break) and an expansion (Toxic City Mall) is a welcome one.


  1. Ha ha, wow. Good to see people are excited! Have you played Zombicide? I was tempted to buy the game a few times but have never done so.

    1. It's ridiculous, and seems to at last be slowing down a little, but not much. I've had one proper game of Zombicide, and enjoyed it. Quiet a few question about play came up, and I need to look at the FAQ's and updated rules to check what the correct answers are. I can say that the quality of the set is very good, and unlike many of the other Kickstarter games it will play right out of the box. There's the option with this Kickstarter to pick up the first game as well (although that's taking a serious plunge financially as I think it includes all the other box sets), should you want to give it a go.


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