From The Æther - 06.04.2013

And  here we go for another week. This post is going to be light on picture for a bit, as Firefox is playing silly buggers, and I've not got long to write this. I'll get it looking good in the week.

Plebicidal reviews the Painting Bunker's Stormshield alternatives.

WeeMen has some nicely converted Iron Warriors with CCWs.

Mordiath 7th has got painted Sagittarii for the Skitarii Legions

SagittariiPtd (2)
Rob Hawkins takes a look at part of a Wild West Exodus board.

Bell Of Lost Souls continues its coverage of GW vs Chapterhouse, while there's a bit of comentary on the Shell Case about it as well.

Eternal Hunt has a great trike conversion.

Dan Abnett blogs about Gilead.

Tale Of Painters talks GorkaMorka

Frater Domus on the Bolter and Chainsword has done something very interesting to a brush (scroll down a little) - This was linked via somewhere else, but it eludes me.

ADB has the first update on his Tale Of Five Hertics, but this is not the most exciting news on his blog this week.