From The Æther - 20.04.2013 - Arkke

Following on from yesterday's post, this edition of From The Æther continues the theme of looking at the darker side of the Imperium, with a focus on some fairly recent posts from around the web, that are very much interrelated. If anyone knows of a jigsaw piece that I'm missing I'd be interested to hear of it in the comments.

However, before we do that, Aaron Dembski-Bowden has put up The Talon Of Horus Cover at his site.

Spikey Rat Pack has two posts featuring conversions worth looking at.

Eternal Hunt also has a fantastic model, which I'm not going to ruin the reveal of. There's a second part, which you probably ought not to read until after the links below.

All of the above are featured in The Tears Of Isstvan blog, where the Arkke Retour is currently being chronicled.

Go take a trip to the really grim and gothic side of the Imperium.