Guilds Of Cadwallon - Unboxing

The Guilds Of Cadwallon game arrived today, and I thought I'd do a quick unboxing, followed by a review next week. You'll see me talking about the Big Box and Little Box below. The Big Box, and its contents were Kickstarter exclusive, but the little box is for general sale, and it's fairly obvious where I'm talking about one or the other.

You can see the box art for the "Big Box" above. Below is the back of the box.

Before we move on to the content, take a look at the bevelled edge on the box and the artwork running along the inside edge (both of which are also present on the smaller box found inside).

The box feels sturdy, and should look after the game for a good long while.

Inside the box the first thing we come across is the game board, and unnecessary addition for playing the game, but a lovely one.

It's thick and well made, and takes up a fair bit of space folded out.

Back to the box, there's the small game box on the left, and the extra tokens and cards for the big box on the right.

Inside the small box we find the rules, tokens, figures and cards.

The small box contains 24 Agent figures, and 24 Counters.

The cards split down into 6 types, with another for tracking the first player.  The cards feel like a good quality playing card deck, and feel robust enough for repeated handling. The artwork is not only great to llok at, but also serves an in game function on some cards.

The rule book is  tiny, and runs to only 20 pages, cover to cover. Based on a single reading it seems very well laid out and the rules flow well.

The extra content of the "Big Box" allows for larger games, including a second, different set of 24 Agents and Counters...

... along with the cards needed for a second deck (giving enough cards and figures for games up to 8 players on a 5x5 grid, as supported by the game board). It also includes some extra cards, and has the few extra rules needed included on three additional cards.

The Agent figures are fairly small, and I'm not sure I'll be painting mine, but the detail is certainly there for anyone that chooses to do so. They're all single piece, and made out of fairly flexible plastic. That said, the fire breather's flame feels a bit vulnerable.

Below is a shot of the board, laid out as I work through my first turn and see how the rules feel. 

All in all I'm very impressed with the quality of the product so far, and I'm really looking forward to getting a proper game in to see how it plays.