High Elves Pre Order

High Elves have gone up for pre order on the GW website, and there are quite a few new twists to the usual release formula that make things worth looking at, even if you're not interested in the pointy ears. I'll hold my hand uo now and say that they're an army I've never been hugely interested in, but I'll do my best to keep my bias out of this.

High Elves Army Book
LE - £55 Standard £30

Is it even worth mentioning that there's a Limited Edition? I'm more surprised that there's not a LE model as well, either package with it, or in addition.

Warhammer Battle Magic: High Elves £3.50

 The standard 8 card deck.


 Oh boy there are some expensive available, and they serve as a useful comparison as to how expensive units are, and the potential costs of building an army. It's worrying how close the costs of plastic and Finecast units are becoming.

Flamespyre Phoenix / Frostheart Phoenix £35

I'm not sure about either version of the Phoenix. The joints look a bit rough where the wings meet the body, and the pose looks to stiff. A bit more flex to the wings would give it a more animal feel rather than the rigid aircraft look it currently has. I also wonder how long that flying stand is going to last. I am impressed by the way the two different variants have been done, with some very well hidden joints. 

The kit also gives the option to have the rider dismounted, and he makes a nice, if angry model. 

Lothern Skycutter £36

 Can we all agree this is a silly concept for a model and move on? As a purely fantasy creation I like it, but as soon as you try and imagine it on the battlefield all I can see is a grounded eagle dragging a smashed up pile of wood. The eagle does look great though, as does the Lord option that the kit provides. There's a bolt thrower type option that looks a little weak though.

Shadow Warriors/Maiden Guard £30

 This is my favourite kit of the release, and if I had a want to make a High Elf warband for Mordheim, I'd be using these. I really do like the helmets, and they're one of the few elements I can see being transferred to none Elf forces. The price is my real issue here, as £3 per model is crushingly expensive.

Edit - Having taken another look at these models while reviewing this month's White Dwarf, I have to ask the obvious question - Are they going to fire their swords from their bows? At what point in their operation on the battlefield do they need sword and bow in hand at once?Surely it's an either or thing, or a risk of breaking the bow, or stabbing yourself as you notch and fire arrows?
The other option of the set, the Madien Guard look good, until you reach the hair, which looks too rigid, and would possibly be more at home on Wood Elves. The bows do look good though, and they could have been a real let down.

Alarielle the Radiant £11

 I like the base, and the bare feet, but that's about it. Unless there is a good background explination for the hair.

Handmaiden Of The Everqueen £9.50
The more I look at this model, the more the proportions seem off. The limbs seem far too solid for an Elf, and the pose seems odd, with spear butt planted, but still walking forward, and there being no reason for her to be holding her cloak.

Loremaster of Hoeth £12
 I really like this model, all the more for him being a plastic kit. The pose is great, and the detailing is good. He does seem a bit too twisted around tough, especially with the seemingly wayward armour plates. At £12, more than the Finecast characters of the release, the price is steep.

Uniforms & Heraldry of the High Elves £20

 I'm surprised to see this offered for a mere £20, as a 72 page hardback.That's all I can say about it, without seeing the interior.


There are two firsts for this release, the first the Paint Set, providing 34 paints (although no texture paints or undercoats). Your milage may vary, depending on the colour scheme you're aiming for, and how closely you adhere to the  GW painting methodology.

We're also seeing "While Stocks Last" transferes as part of an army release for the first time, which is nice, although there must be a better way to provide them than by WSL release. Some sort of in store print on demand possibly? 

And that's it. As evidence by the contents of the Battalion set, it's a poor day for any unit that already exists, in plastic or Finecast, which is a shame, as some of the older sets (spearelves) are beginning to show their age.



    That's right Forge World empire troops are £25 for 10 resin. http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer/THE-EMPIRE/EMPIRE-MANANNS-BLADES.html

    The price of the plastic is insane.

  2. There is a question of how many Shadow Warriors/Hand Maidens you'd want in an army vs Manann's Blades, but looking at straight up cost, things really are becoming ridiculous.

    What really doesn't make sense is why Chaos Dwarves come in at £36 for 10 compared to Manann's Blades


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