Kickstarter Round Up 08.04.2013

It seems a long while since I've done this, and looking at the fairly short list below, I get the feeling I may be missing stuff, or the miniature side of Kickstarter is in a post Zombicide lull.

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection

This projects is finally reaching the last few days after a long running time. It seems to have paid off, with the total looking healthy, and a good number of stretch goals unlocked. If you've already taken a look at this project, it's worth giving another squint, as it's been updated over the course of the last few weeks.

Drake: The Dragon Wargame

 Another projects that's nearing the final few days of its run, Drake looks nicely different from most things out there, and with photos of the actuall models being added, it feels happily concrete at last.

Arena Rex

Arena Rex really looks the business, with a combination of  an impressively varied selection great models, and engaging rules. I'm looking forward to shedding some blood in the arena.

East Asian Village 28mm

This is going to be fairly specialist, but a great thing for those who want an East Asain themed board (Bushido, Kensei), or just a few buildings (Malifaux).

Kensei Fantasy Creatures

Talking of Kensei, there's this campaign, which is far broader than the title would suggest. There are some nice perks for getting in early, so go pledge so you don't miss out.

And that's all that I know of at the moment, if I've missed anything, do shout out in the comments.