Michael Moorcock - Broadcast Signal Intrusion

This is a very brief post, given the subject matter.

Micheal Moorcock is hideously prolific, something we should be grateful for I think. Getting hold of his works in recent years however has been a case of finding second hand editions, despite various reprints and collections (oddly I've never trawled Amazon and eBay for him, but stuck to second hand bookshops. No idea why not).

Happily, the era of frustrated searching is over, as 
"Gollancz has embarked on one of the most significant republishing programmes in genre fiction – the Michael Moorcock collection, comprising over 30 print editions and many more individual ebooks"

But why am I mentioning Michael Moorcock and his works here? Well, they were a big influence in the early days of GW/Citadel on the Warhammer world, and Chaos.

Many of the books are linked within the Eternal Champion cycle, as it follows various incarnations of the Champion through different times and dimensions within the Multiverse. The most famous hero being Elric of Melniboné (although I'd be remiss not to mention Jerry Cornelius, Corum, and Hawkmoon) who turned the archetypal fantasy hero of the time, embodied in Conan and his ilk, on its head. If you want to see the genesis of the Dark Elves then you're looking at a fair bit of it.

You can find a fairly balanced overview of the man and his works on TV Tropes