No Quarter 46 - Jan/Feb 2013

I'm slowly getting up to date with No Quarter, just need to grab a copy of last month's and I'll be there, but for now, here's a throwback to the start of the year.

It's worth noting that much of NoQuarter Plus is dedicated to showing off groups participating in the Foodmachine 2013 charity event.
The cover looks pretty good, but the art suffers the perennial PP problem of being repeated later on.  
As standard       
Table of Contents           
I'm running out of things to say about contents pages   
Once again a good beginning gives way to highlighting the contents.      
News from the Front    
A look at the Dutch National Championship and Slam At The Ram             
New Releases  
Five pages of new releases cover a fair amount of stuff, from single model and new units, to Colossals and Gargantuans               
HORDES: Gargantuans Previews              
Seven pages with more rules from the Gargantuan book, which is a nice way for players to use a single model without having to shell out on a whole new tome.           
Modeling & Painting: Woldwrath             
Six pages dedicated to painting the Worldwraith covers things well, and there are some good techniques to be pulled out for people painting other models.           
Guts & Gears: Doom Reavers    
A glorious 12 pages covers background, Iron Kingdom Rules and the painting of these berserkers.
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
In Battle Forged: Patriot’s Crucible          
A new series, tied in to the tenth year of Warmachine we get background and rules for one of the famous historical battles from the game's background     
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Forces of Distinction XII
A Skorne force gets added this month, with a focus on Siege Animantaraxes and Mammoths    
Monsternomicon & Beyond       
Seven pages of rules for adding Bats, Rats, and oddly, Buffalo into your IK RPG games. Shame one page is lost to the intro though.               
Iron Kingdoms Gazetteer: Wexmere     
A whole slew of background for the mining town of Wexmere, which makes interesting background reading even if you're not an IK RPG player.    
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Campaign Terrain            
A very brief background and rules piece for adding a Ghost-Cursed Ruin. Sadly it lacks any construction particulars          
Privateer Press Publication Plans             
A big press release for the new line of PP books from Skull Island eXpeditions, and from Pyr, as well as their new Privateer Press Digital App             
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Battle Report: Divine Retribution             
A 16 page battle report that has a huge wodge of text, and maps (lacking movement arrows though). And left me feeling like I knew how and why the battle went down. Pictures that didn't just focus on the two big models would have been nice though
Steamroller 2013             
Two pages pushing Steamroller, and giving a snapshot of the tourny scene.        
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Terrain Building: Building Blocks
We get six pages about making moulds to cast brick paving slabs for the terrain board project this month.           
Lock & Load GameFest 2013       
A plug for Lock & Load  
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Player Gallery   
A nice Trollkin force this month, along with a page on portable gaming tables.    
The Armory: Iron Kingdoms RPG              
Templates for the IK RPG players.           
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Inside Back Cover           
Gargantuans ad               
Back Cover         
A Convergence related tease    

 No Quarter is looking impressively consistent, with a score over the preceding two issues of  91 and 91. Give that it's a 97 page publication this month, 90 is a fantastic score (I'm going to have to improve the rating to make direct comparison between different companies magazines easier, but this is good by any measure). I feel like I know more about the hobby and about the game background and that there's content I can come back to, for tips or simply to read, a number of times.

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