Sedition Wars At Salute

Studio McVey has released pictures of their models for Salute 2013.

Below are their two Sedition Wars miniatures, "cast in high quality resin" which are Limited Edition previews, which as far as I can tell means that we'll see these models mass produced in plastic at some point in the future. 

Commodore Grist looks toweringly awesome with a nice set of weaponry. I really do like the style of armour in Sedition Wars, with a real presence and weight.

Phaedrus Chirurge looks great as well for the Strain, with a gruesome departure from their previous styles, that none the less ties in with other models. I really like the mix of textures, and the reaching hand.

Hopefully these two are but the forerunners of the second wave of true releases for Sedition Wars (although we're still waiting on the wave 2 of the Kickstarter), and herald an expansion for the Vanguard and Strain, as well as the Firebrand (who, it was said, were going to be part of an expansion).