DreadBall Wave 2 - Review Prologue

As before we the Dreadball reviews I thought I'd do a bit of a catch all preamble to avoid repeating myself. Sadly I am going to echo much of what I said last time, so if you remember that far back, well done, and sorry for inflicting this on you again.

First off plastic glue doesn't work effectively enough with the models, so you're going to need to super glue things together.

Secondly the mold lines do not scrape away easily, as they feather underneath the knife, and leave a lot of swarf behind. They do go after a bit of effort, but it's not as pleasant as the single pass GW models need. Complicating this issue is the awkward places that the mold lines tend to run, as seen on the Robots below. See how it goes across the base, and then up the leg detailing and the centre line of the body? It's not going to be fun to clear.

You can also see in the above the tabs left behind on the arms, which disrupts their fit into the socket in the body. I'd rather have them left on a sprue so I can cut it once in the right place, rather than trim down a fiddly bit.

On the positive side of things, the detail is very good, which makes the meandering of the mold lines even more lamentable.  

The clean up is going to mean the reviews will take longer than I would like, but I'll try and get them turned around ASAP.

For those wishing to look at the reviews from the first wave of teams there are reviews up for:
Forge Fathers


  1. It is a shame the plastic is the same as the earlier wave (not surprising though). I quite like the some of the new Dreadball models. The robots are cool. Good luck trimming and assembling them. I know it will be a sizable task.


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