Concerning Habits

Well, that was a much longer break than the one I expected to take. Turns out the habit of writing a blog post a day is only a habit when you're doing it. Who knew?  I thought I'd be getting a lot of other things done rather than writing on here, but instead I've achieved laughable little of use.

So the good news for you is I don't have a huge slew of articles to drown you all in. There are reviews I need to catch up on (White Dwarf, etc, and Puppet Wars), but that's about it for getting going again.

Taking a break from the blog accentuated the sense of disassociation with the hobby that had been hanging over me, and this being a first of the month post it seems the right time to look at where I am, and what I'm doing going forward.

I'll confine myself to the big systems, and the ones I can remember. Kickstarter has rather drowned me in new models and games, but I'll get to those in their own time and a different post.

Warhammer Fantasy & Warhammer 40,000

With the release of Apocalypse this is badly times, but I'm just not feeling the draw of big games anymore. This is only exacerbated by the push from GW for larger and larger, more expensive kits. There's no denying they're impressive creations, but they're altering the feel of the tabletop in ways I don't like. Not that I can say that, given how long it is since I've played an actual game, or been in a store for that matter. Long story short, the new shiny isn't drawing me in, and the exceptions to this are negligible.

So where does this leave me with the big two? I need to give it a cooling off period, and see what's happening with the Codex Supplements that GW are bringing out, but I am tempted to sell off models. There are shelf upon shelf and box upon box of models that will never see the tabletop let alone the paint brush. However...


40K is far too ingrained in my head to be simply abandoned. INQ28 seems to be the place for my taste in 40K (sorry Fantasy, you'll have to sneak in where you can). There are rumors that GW will be releasing something Inquisitor themed as their "Mystery Box" in the next month or two, so I'll wait and see what the contents is before I break out the conversion tools in earnest, but they will be coming one way or another.

Horus Heresy

Realistically I'm probably going to do little beyond pick up the books, and the character/Primarch models as they come out. I might conceivably use the parts on offer for Marines and other forces (Ad Mech) to trick out a few special projects, but I can't see myself going much beyond that. I've been wrong before though, and I know I'll fall for some Legion units when/if they're released.


I'm going to take a step back from Warmachine/Hordes. I have the makings of a Khador force, and am tempted by Everblight, but the background and many of the models just don't grab me. Without that lure it's an empty hobby experience for me.


With Gen Con around the corner and Wyrd gearing up to Malifaux 2.0, I'm really looking forward to Malifaux. I need to get my hand on a few metal models before they're replaced (if that is indeed Wyrd's plan), but otherwise, bring on the plastics.

All of which raises questions for the blog. If you've read this far you're probably interested, so here goes.

I don't know right now if the daily format will be returning. In an ideal world it would, and I'd probably be better for it, but I don't want to bind myself to it. Depending on what August and September sees released (I'm thinking Inquisitor and Malifaux here) I can see myself getting quiet a few hobby type articles done, or making scant progress on other projects. I'll sketch out some sort of time table as I go along, and hopefully the blogging knack will come back to me.

Having returned, I'll have proper articles ready to go on Monday.


  1. glad to have you back! I'm really hoping for something Inqisitor like in the mystery box too. Argued for it in a few posts a while ago- the Black Library is GWs real mechanism for introducing people to 40K now, a skirmish scale game exploiting that IP, with box sets of the characters from the books, would be genius.

    1. Not quite good to be back yet, but getting there. The panic of getting a post ready is worryingly familiar again.

      I agree about the use of Black Library characters to bring people into the game. Every once in a while GW tries it (with limited release models, Gaunt's Ghosts and White Dwarf rules, introducing them as special characters, or the duel books), and it goes away again.

      I suppose the Forge World Heresy series could be seen as doing it in a roundabout way, but £50 a model (or pair), makes it unlikely for anyone to use it as a gateway into the game.

      GW's plastic heroes would be a much better route, and you could just about package them alongside a book without taking up too much shelf space.

  2. Glad to have you back. Have been checking your blog regularly, with an increasing sense that you were never going to return. Look forward to enjoying your musings and ruminations again!

    1. Hopefully they'll be more actually hobby now that I'm back, but the first proper post suggests not.

  3. Welcome back. Must say I share the sentiments for the 'big shinies' from GW lately. Despite having succumbed to some of the 'big shinies' from Privateer Press (at slightly greater price).
    Been playing a lot of warmahordes recently, though, so that may sway it!

    Look forward to whatever future material arises, but no rush! Just put up what you can and the internet will devour it...

    1. Privateer do seem to be making their big models more of a special piece for the force, than just the one of many that GW are going for.

      Going to be going fairly hard down the skirmish game route, with INQ and Malfiaux as main focuses. I realised I've missed Infinity off the list above, which says something about either the state of my memory, or my feels to wards the game. No doubt they'll be a Kickstarter either go up online, or reach fulfilment that will put a kink in my plans.

  4. Great to have you back! I always look forward to reading your posts. Writting a post a day is an impressive feat. I struggle to write a post a week... I find it difficult to write posts and get modelling work done at the same time.

    I too am hoping they reveal something related to Inquisitor in their next Mystery Box. It would act as a great incentive to work on INQ28 models. I recently started trying my hand at converting a model for INQ28. Thus far it has been a fun and rewarding experience. I highly recommend it!