Creating A Retinue - Prologue

My hobby has always been driven by a narrative to some degree. The prospect of building up a retinue for INQ28, or whatever GW releases in the near future (my bet is an October release, so as not to interfere with September's Space Marines), blows this wide open, with things to be considered in far more detail. It's not a question of picking a Chapter, Kabal or Province, and putting the right coloured paint on models, but of deciding the reason why someone has a certain MK of Laspistol  (I like the Accatran Mark II) .

That's not to say background comes first, modelling second. The process goes back and forth between looking for inspiration (from GW, other hobbyists, and increasingly 3rd party bits companies), or simply staring at a pile of bits, to parts of story falling into place, or being worked out in broad strokes. The biggest coolest looking gun isn't always the best for the character, and the most vividly drawn personality is no good if the model can't be made (which is more an issue of my utter lack of skills with Green Stuff than anything else).

It goes against the grain to embark on this sort of thing with rumours of the Inquisitor game becoming more solid, but I think I need to make a start, rather than just sit waiting on a possible release.

My process for this is going to be fairly scatter-shot, but I'll try to log it here as well as I can, ideas I pass by may well be gold in someone else's hands. You shan't see any awful sketches I do, but otherwise it'll be pretty much warts and all.

I'm likely going to mix models straight out of the box (some are just to good to pass up) with heavy conversions. There are some models I want to pick up, but I'm not going to use them for the sake of using them at this point, instead I'll try to grow the ideas out on their own, then look at the model pile. I'll leave the knotty question of true scale Space Marines for another time.

The first thing to be addressed (in the next blog post,) is the origin of the retinue, be it Inquitorial, or something else entirely.

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