Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wyrd At Gen Con 2013

Wyrd have released details of some of what will be on sale during Gen Con.

First up, and of most interest of veterans of Wyrd's Gen Con extravaganza, is the Nightmare Edition model(s), which this year is the Herald Of Obliteration box set. Yours for $80.

For those of you new to Wyrd/Malifaux and wondering what a Nightmare Edition model is then Eric J has the answers for you
"Here are the basics
  • Nightmare editions are our chance to do something big and fun and limited.
  • They never have new stat lines, but are rather alternate sculpts of a model that is, or will be, released through distribution normally.
  • They are usually outside what you'd expect to see in the normal line either in size (Big Teddy or Lord Chompy), or theme (Undead Justice, Miss models).
  • They allow us a chance to add something special to the line.
  • They usually are released during big conventions, like Gen Con, but will ALWAYS be available through our online store during those same dates."
Tara is going to be one of the "Wave Two" masters (expected sometime around late 2014 or after), so if you want to play her early, this is your chance.

Wyrd also release a special "Miss" model for each Gen Con and this year is no different, free with orders over $100 we have Miss Step

Also at Gen Con (and online throughout the event) there'll be the new M2e Rulebook, New Crews Pre-Releases and Arsenal Boxes Pre-Releases. Sadly there are no detail on the rulebook yet, but that'll come no doubt.

New Crews Pre-Releases

It would seem Wyrd continue to knock things out of the park with their plastic models. The five crews available all look great, and it's good to see four female masters come first. Each set contains a Master (or two if you get the Viks), three rank and file models, something big/special, and a Totem. Trust me you'll want to get a closer look at these images.

The Guild's Judgement (Lady Justice Crew)

The new Death Marshals look fantastic (I wonder if we're going to see a background tweak for them, as previously they didn't look quite so much like Ghost Rider at a western), as does the Scales Of Justice. The Judge, I'm unsure about, with the stretched out pose, but the hat and coat look spot on. Lady Justice looks great, apart from the heels and the ends of her hair. Look at the detail on her wrists.

Shadows Of Redchapel (Seamus Crew)

The Rotten Belles look fantastic, and really nicely details from torn stockings and bare feet, to lace, ribbons, tiny hats, and rotting flesh. If I have one issue it's with the weirdly perfect open parasol. Madame Sybelle is looking as lovely as ever, and the Copycat Killer nicely apes his master (look at the hats). As for Seamus he looks as good as ever, mixing the elements of his making well.

Children of December (Rasputina Crew)

The Gamin look characterful, and should fit well with the previous more mischievous models. The Ice Golem is suitably huge, but I'm not sure about the projection from his arm. As with the last incarnation, it's all going to come down to painting. The Wendigo looks amazing, although hopefully it can be removed from its victim as it rather forces a narrative on the player. Rasputina looks nicely aloof and powerful without falling into the standard caster poses.

Mother of Monsters (Lilith Crew)

The Terror Tots have really nailed disturbing this time around. Barbaros is new, and looks suitably daemonic given the crew. The Cherub is going to look really nice on a base, although hopefully isn't as twisted around as the render suggests. How are Lilith's trousers staying up? What's with the workout pose for the sword? The hair and face lack the character of the artwork.

Hired Swords (Viktoria Crew)

I'm not sure about the Ronin. It's disappointing they've leant towards Suckerpunch, and tiny skirts. Hopefully they can be redeemed with some green stuff trousers. Taelor has a really nice sense of motion, and some lovely detailing. Look at the feet on the Student of Conflict. As for the Viks themselves I think they look really good. Hopefully we'll see more models following their lead than the style of the Ronin.

The Arsenal Boxes Pre-Release

Consisting of the rank and file models found in the above crew sets Arsenal boxes make expanding your force easy. Note the new designs for the Fraction icons as well. I've already mentioned these models in the above, so I'll keep my mouth shut.

Death Marshals

Rotten Belles

Ice Gamin

Terror Tots


Other Releases

Malifaux isn't the only game Wyrd will have at Gen Con. There'll also be Showdown:Icons, Kings Of Artifice, and The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn. I'll let the newsletter speak for itself on these.


  1. I saw these last night, and I am pretty impressed. Some time I'm going to have to get me some of these new Wyrd minis.

    1. They look good don't they? Get thee to the Gen Con storefront and grab them while you can.

  2. Wow, these new Malifaux models are a vast improvement over the older range. Everything has a more realistic flare to it and the proportions of many of the characters are better (looking at you Seamus...). The Death Marshals in particular look much nicer.

    It is also nice that they are all in plastic. Have you worked with any of their plastic models before? If so, how is the plastic and how easily does it clean up (i imagine it can't be anywhere near as tricky as the Dreadball stuff...).

    I currently don't play Malifaux, but who knows what the future will hold, particularly if they continue to try and improve the quality of their model range.

    1. They are a real step up for the range, and I can only think of one or two models I prefer in metal.

      I have worked with their plastic, and it's on a par with GW's in terms of cleaning up, but doesn't play nice with plastic glue if I remember rightly.

      The new rules are on sale at GenCon (and through the store), so the web will be alive with reports of the M2.0 by September,


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