A Tale Of Wrath

Back in the depths of time (1998) Games Workshop ran a series called A Tale of Four Games. Over the course of six issues (UKWD 218 - 223) it charted the experiences of four heroes who have since passed into gaming legend. These valiant hobbyists took it upon themselves to build a Warhammer Fantasy Army for £150 over the course of 5 issues. Set a monthly allowance, they were tasked with buying, building, and painting their models on time and within budget. The sixth issue saw the four players battle it out to decide the ultimate champion.
White Dwarf would return to the series with inferior sequels over the years, but the original run has long lived on untarnished in gamer’s hearts.

With Games Workshop pushing their “New Year, New Army” boxes I’ve decided to take their advice and make 2016 a big year for hitting some of my own hobby milestones (of which, more in previous posts). The Tale of Four Gamers format is an excellent scaffolding for this, and if I can drag some people along with me, then so much the better.

I have designed a rough framework for adapting Tale of Four Gamers format to use with a Wrath of Kings army, as well as adding a few twists of my own. The primary goals set over the five months are designed to be achievable, rather than challenging. The main aim of this is for everyone joining to find themselves as proud collector, builder, painter and commander of a tabletop ready army by the end of July. Doing so is a fantastic achievement, and anything else beyond that is just a bonus; it is certainly something that has alluded me for many years.

·Welcome to A Tale Of Wrath·

This PDF lays out the format for A Tale Of Wrath for Month Zero through Six. I'll also be posting the Months to the blog as appropriate. Month Zero is here. The sidebar to the left will also be expanding to hold a host of links for the project.

I will be doing me very best to lead by example and meet all the monthly goals, and chronicling my progress the blog (with the caveats below). I will be accompanied in this endeavour by a number of other hardy souls, of which more as the month progresses. However my intent is to throw this wide open to the community and include as many people as want to join the madness. That's where you come in. The PDF and the Month Zero Post includes details of how to sign up and join us in A Tale Of Wrath.

If you’re a veteran player of Wrath of Kings (and there must be a lot of people who backed the Kickstarter out there), then this is the perfect opportunity to either get your force painted up, expand it considerably, or start a new House. Feel free to join in at any stage of the project, and journey on from there. Or, if you already have an army you are happy with, then get your name on the list as an opponent for us neophytes to get an arse kicking from.

I am very keen to encourage others to blog about their experiences, be it guest posts here, or posts on their own sites. I’ll be collating links here, and trying to keep everything tied together. Points will be awarded month by month, and in August when the dust has settled I'll be crowning someone as Champion of Wrath. There may even be some sort of a prize.

What follows is advice, notes on the format, and an explanation of the caveats mentioned above.

·Purchases and Shipping·

Depending where you are in the world, and how well stocked your local gaming store is with Wrath of Kings products, actually getting hold of boxes may take a considerable chunk of a given month. Plan, and indeed buy, ahead as appropriate to make the most of the monthly windows.

·Budget and prices·

Wrath of Kings (at the point of writing) uses a set of fairly standard price points across their range regardless of the faction played. £29.99 ($35) is the highest RRP for an individual box (with one exception; the Teknes Character (Specialist) Box at £39.99 ($45)) outside of the starter sets, which come in at £60 ($70). These sets are very uniform in how they fit into the game’s army building system (more on that in the monthly goals, where it becomes very important). As such I’m going to sidestep the strict budget used in A Tale Of Four Gamers, and instead set milestones for army building each month instead.

I will be tracking my own expenditure, but I don’t want it to get in the way of the hobby for others. I will put a nominal amount in each months goals as a guide for anyone adapting this to another system. (I’ll also be taking the original Tale Of Four Gamers articles and costing their purchase out for the present day, which should be of interest to anyone who has complained about Games Workshop's price rises over the years)


Given the headache that finding time to paint and game is likely to be, alongside synchronising schedules to meeting up for games, I’m making the allowance that models can go to the gaming table unpainted, but only for the period of one “gaming session” (be that consecutive nights, over a weekend etc). The key thing is to hit the monthly deadlines for painting, not break yourself with trying to get models table ready within a shorter period.

I am using painting as a broad term, when what I really mean is finished. Come the end of the given month, all work on the model should be done. Painting, transfers, weathering, basing, varnishing (if desired), the lot.


Each month includes a gaming goal. I am strongly against Vassal games and the like being counted as a battle for the sake of this project, but I do accept they are the only option for some people. The important thing is to get a taste for commanding your troops. I do an infrequent and poor job of commanding on the battlefield, and I'll be aiming to change at least one of those this year.


As your valiant leader in this, I'm going to bend the rules for myself, like any good tyrant. I will obviously be sticking to the monthly deadlines built into the structure (otherwise there is no point to this). Where I will be deviating somewhat is in working ahead of time with purchases and prep work to be able to get things like review posts up at the start of the month. Actual hobby work will be firmly constrained to the correct month however. Paint won’t hit plastic ahead of time.

If nothing else A Tale Of Wrath is going to force me to get an army on the tabletop. I hope to see many others follow in my footsteps. Go get yourself signed up on the Month Zero post.


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