Marvel Universe Miniatures Game
Avaliable For Pre Order

Knight Models have opened up their Marvel Universe Miniature Game for pre-order.
They are currently selling the box sets (The Avengers, The X-Men, and The Guardians Of The Galaxy) at the reduced cost of €39.99 (rather than €45.00), until Feb 24th.
As well as the starter sets there are also single models in the shape of Deadpool, Black Panther, and Nova, all at €19.95, making the box sets a considerable saving. 

There are also themed markers available for the game, which suggests it will be following similar mechanics to Knight Models’ previously released Batman Miniatures Game (a review of which will be on the blog in the next month).
The starter sets are an interesting mix of models, with the groups all shorn of their big guys (no sign of Groot or Hulk for instance), and all with a female model in their ranks (something of a surprise give how lacking Black Widow has been from Marvel’s Avengers mechanise).
The models from across the Marvel canon, with the Guardian’s set leaning towards the movie universe (although that Drax has more of the look of the current comics) but with Nova being very firmly set in the past of the Marvel Universe. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some dedicated Cinematic Universe models once Civil War has been released.
All in all it is an impressive start for Knight Models, with good inroads made into three significant parts of the property. Hopefully future releases will see some opponents for the current heroic line up, and see the big models take to the tabletop.
You can find my further thoughts on the game here.
All images from Knight Models


  1. As a whole, that looks like a very nice selection of models to start the game with. The sculpts look really nice. I am glad that they did not leave the women out of it. They certainly have a lot of good characters to choose from. Do you think the Deadpool model was an attempt to capitalize on the likely success of the new movie?

    1. I suspect there is more than a degree of that sort of calculation in the design of the release schedule. It'll be very interesting to see how future releases fit in around the upcoming installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its offshoots.


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