Tale of Wrath
Call To Arms

With Month Zero of Tale Of Wrath more than half done the blog will be ramping things up in order to hit the ground running for Month One.

(If Wrath of Kings isn't your thing I'll also be working hard to keep other content flowing. Screwed Up Dice has ever been broad in its interests)

While sign up has been good, it'd be great to have more people involved. Go add your name to the Month Zero post if you are interested.

For those of you that have already decided to join the event, and will be taking part publicly, it's time to step up.

I'll be putting up a list of Participants in the next few days, but in order to do that I'll need some details...

Name (preferably the same as used for any comments, with an url as needed)
Blog and url (or similar)
House (What House you'll be building an army for)

If you can drop the above information into an email and send it to screwedupdice@gmail.com I will add you to the roll of honour.

If you already have a force and want to take on new players on the battlefield then it'd be great to hear from you. Or if you'll be joining in later months to expand on an army you already own.

Anyone wishing to take part in some manner, but not fully join in with Tale of Wrath then feel free to drop me an email as well.