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How These Things Begin

The path to a new game is not always a straight line. In the case of finding Wrath of Kings I traveled in a fairly direct and logical line, narrowing down the options available until I ended up picking the game out of a short list. You can see the process in action in this post.
More often I find myself stumbling on games thanks to hearing about them, seeing them in store, or seeing something mentioned on the web.

I follow a lot of different sites thanks to Feedly, and every so often there’s a bit of cross pollination between other things and the hobby. As was the case when I saw this while idly scrolling.
Not much, but enough to get me to click on the link, which lead me here.

After reading that I bounced around a few of the top google results for the game, and found myself reading different articles that swung me between interest and disinterest. The most useful of the bits of media I looked at was the tutorial video, and the Wikipedia page (with its explanation of the release cycle).

I’ve had mixed experience with card games previously, having been bought into the hobby originally through Games Workshop’s old Combat Card game. I’ve also dabbled in Magic The Gathering over the years, but it never drew me in deeply (which is something I ought to analyse anon). Which is pretty much apples and oranges when it comes to experiences, but still enough to leave me indecisive.
I kept thinking back to the first article on the game I read, and my own fondness for cyberpunk, having a similar love of William Gibson, augmented by games like Deus Ex and media franchises like Ghost in the Shell. It was enough to nudge me into putting down the £30 needed to buy the Core Set and give the game a go.
In the grand tradition of Screwed Up Dice I’ll be doing an unboxing post, and then talking about how I got in with the first few games.


  1. Awesome, Netrunner a great game! I hope you love it!

    1. With two games under my belt so far, playing as the Corporation both times, I'm really enjoying it. Very much looking forward to more games and I'm already finding myself turning over the possibilities within the rules and the cards, enjoying it as much as a puzzle, as as a game.


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